More than 2,600 apartments expected to be delivered in April next year

2018-04-23 11:34

As a key livelihood project in Binhai New Area, the construction of resettlement houses in the shanty town reconstruction project located on Hujiayuan Street is being promoted in an orderly manner. A few days ago, the reporter saw in the A plot and the J plot of the Ocean City that at present, the main structure of the resettlement house was capped, and the masonry and plastering works were finished. The outer edge and thermal insulation projects are being stepped up. Delivery conditions are expected in mid-April 2019. After the project is completed, more than 2,600 resettlement apartments will be provided for the shantytown reconstruction project on Hujiayuan Street.

It is claimed that the total construction area of the A plot of the Ocean City is 110,439.23 square meters, of which the residential construction area is 86,527.17 square meters, including 9 residential buildings; the J lot of Ocean City has a total construction area of 181,871.36 square meters, of which the residential construction area is 138,891.04 square meters, including 15 residential buildings.

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