China-Britain Medical and Healthcare Industry Base: A qualified transnational matchmaker

2018-04-23 11:39

In the recent days, Cui Xuefeng, president of United Novartis (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., is busy in business negotiations with the China-Britain Medical andHealthcare Industry Base. He told reporters that since the Base was launched in May 2016 in the Tanggu Ocean Science and Technology Park in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone, it has integrated a technical assessment team consisting of Chinese and British experts, entrepreneurs, and investors, and has conducteda survey of more than 2,000 medical and healthcare industry related projects in the UK and the European Union and more than one hundred projects with technological application prospects and development space in the Chinese market were selected to enter the project library.

Up to now, the China-Britain Medical and Healthcare Industry Base has introduced more than 20 medical and healthcare projects from home and abroad. Four of these companies have acquired the qualifications for OTC transactions. With the dual support of incubation services and platform services, companies entering the Sino-Britain Medical and Healthcare Industry Base in less than 2 years have applied for 14 patents while 8 patents are currently being applying,with 9 patents obtained from abroad. In the balance between quality and quantity, good results have been achieved.

A technological transformation platform to promote the rapid growth of projects is built.

“When we import projects from abroad, we attach great importance to forming upstream and downstream industrial chains in the medical and healthcareindustry. Especially in the field of life sciences and medical devices, we will provide complete supporting services to help foreign companies come to China to achieve accelerated incubation after landing,”said Cui Xuefeng to reporters. He said that the United Novartis team in the United Kingdom, especially in London, Oxford, Cambridge and other regions has many years of experience in R&D transformation and has accumulated a profound overseas foundation.

In October last year, a beach-based cell culture facility quietly entered the American public healthcare center and was included in the procurement plan by the University of California. This is a device independently developed by Tianjin Weikai Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., which was inaugurated by theChina-Britain Medical and Healthcare Industry Base. As a high-tech innovation company integrating technology research and development, technical services and technology transformation, the company has developed a cell culture that can be used for drug screening and toxicity monitoring through core technologies in the three-dimensional culture and bio-processing of stem cells. The 3DFlo cell culture instrument for testing equipment enables continuous, automated, perfusion-based three-dimensional culture of cells.

Cui Xuefeng stated that on the basis of respecting intellectual property rights, the Base formed a good closed loop of development through the provision of supporting services for the incubation project, the establishment of market channels, and related medical industry resources, so that the project will avoid detours during the incubation process while taking the fast lane. At present, the Base has established cooperative relationships with a number of hospitals and research institutes in Tianjin through technical services and technical cooperation, and has the relevant national clinical verification qualifications. This has played a significant role in incubating project companies, related companies in the surrounding areas, and the medical and healthcare industry in the entire Binhai New Area.

The bottleneck disappears to achieve market win-win results.

When carrying out international cooperation, how to break through the bottleneck of the difficulty of landing the project is a subject for Cui Xuefeng. In this regard, Cui Xuefeng believes that in the process of engaging with foreign teams, they must have a preliminary understanding of the Chinese market and the local industrial environment first. For example, how large isthe Chinese market, and China’s efforts to protect intellectual property rights. After the various joints are smoothened, they can achieve the projectlanding. Cui Xuefeng said that mutual understanding and respect were the basis for cooperation. In order to realize the smooth transformation of international achievements, Cui Xuefeng has led international project teams to enter the biomedicine companies, incubators, research institutes, and hospitals of Binhai New Area for several times to enable them to feel the medical environment and industrial atmosphere here.

“For example, we have found that intestine cancer has become one of the top five cancers in China with the highest incidence of cancer, but due to the cumbersome and painful process of traditional detection methods, coupled with weak warning awareness, few people are aware of it. This is one of the best cancers that can be cured by early screening. The detection of occult blood is one of the solutions.” After understanding this situation, Cui Xuefeng has been looking for relevant solutions abroad. Until the discovery of a MODE company specializing in fecal occult blood detectors in Scotland, England.

It is claimed that the sedative occult blood detector developed by MODE has obtained CE certification from the European Union and is sold in the UK market. After several rounds of contact, the head Cui Xuefeng and the team led the MODECompany to almost all over Tianjin's major hospitals and research institutes. In the end, the China-Britain Medical and Healthcare Industry Base was fully acquired by the company, and Maidokotec (Tianjin) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in the Base to realize the localization of the product and sales overseas. In January of this year, the Measure FOB, which aimed at overseas market, sold its first batch of 2,000 products to the UK. The company is currently in business cooperation with the Czech Republic's medical device sales companies which lies along the Belt and Road initiative. It is expected that the total number of orders will reach 16,000.

According to Cui Xuefeng, from the international market back to the domestic market, the technical team of the China-Britain Medical and HealthcareIndustry Base was also based on the original overseas products, the secondary development of medical device products for the Chinese market, and eventually formed a so-called Meishuo blood detector product. The product is equipped with Bluetooth transmission, big data platform, healthcare management and other functional modules, through the Internet + Medication approach, it can achieve early occult blood screening, data collection and data analysis. It is estimated that by 2019, the market sales of this product will reach more than 30 million yuan.

It is claimed that this project has been listed in the major chronic disease prevention project 2017 in Tianjin. In the future, a number of hospitals in Tianjin will be selected as the first batch of 50,000 citizens to start early screening for intestinal cancer, which will become another case of international innovation projects to achieve localization in Binhai New Area.

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