5 Schools in Binhai New Area Are Dubbed as Tianjin Schools with Spaceflight Characteristics

2018-04-26 10:04

April 24 was “China Space Day”. The reporter learned that to welcome the arrival of “China Space Day”, Tianjin published the review result in Tianjin schools with spaceflight characteristics. 5 high schools in Binhai New Area were dubbed as this title.

The reporter learned that in order to popularize spaceflight technology knowledge with systematization among primary, middle and high schools, and cultivate reserve talents of spaceflight technology, Tianjin carried out the declaration work on the “Tianjin Schools with Spaceflight Characteristics”. Finally, after the review, overall 11 schools in Tianjin were recommended as Tianjin schools with spaceflight characteristics, 5 of which located in Binhai New Area were dubbed as Tianjin schools with spaceflight characteristics, including Tianjin Binhai New Area Tanggu ZiYun High School, Binhai New Area Tanggu Xingang High School, THT No.1 School, Tianjin No. 1 High School Binhai School, and Tianjin Experimental Binhai High School, ranking first on the school number among all districts and counties of Tianjin.

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