Boeing Tianjin implements innovative spirit in all aspects: Innovation allows companies to always be leaders

2018-05-07 13:20

Recently, a major event took place in the Tanggu Ocean Science Park in Binhai High-Tech Industrial Zone, Tianjin. The first Boeing 737 Radar manufactured byBoeing Tianjin Composites Co., Ltd. (BTC) was officially delivered, marking the eighth time BTC has delivered a new project to Boeing in the past 16 months. This time, the BTC team proved that it was one month ahead of schedule. As one of Boeing's most valuable suppliers, it continues to maintain its leading position in the manufacturing of aerospace composite parts.

Technological improvement creates miracles.

In the past two years, BTC has signed 12 new projects, and has consistently complied with the highest quality and delivery standards for aviation manufacturing. As an aerospace manufacturing joint venture jointly invested by Boeing and China Aviation Industry Corporation in Tianjin, BTC has an annual production capacity of over 1 million man-hours to manufacture and assemble high-quality aerospace composite parts. In an interview with the reporter, BTC’s general manager Piao Qinglian said that in order to maintain the industry’s Leader for a long time, the company has made omni-directional attempts, and insisted on innovation as one of the keys, which allow companies to create one miracle after another.

Last year, BTC initiated an on-site quick-improvement project for autoclave tank production capacity, and brought together more than 40 key staff from the production department, production support department, and quality department to jointly study how to optimize running time and program setting issues within six months. It increased the capacity of autoclave by 16%, saving the company 10 million Yuan. The savings from this innovative project alone is equivalent to the re-purchase of an autoclave production plant, while also reducing the amount of energy consumed accordingly, and further increasing the company's sustainable production capacity.

Linear increase in production efficiency

In BTC's core part processing workshop, 90% of the parts are processed from the issuing plan to the production. The entire process does not exceed 4 hours, and the remaining 10% of the core parts processing process is also realized within 24 hours with high efficiency. The achievement of such a result is due to the fact that the company has cultivated a strong production improvement team named Tigers. Three years ago, when the company launched a production system enhancement project, the Tiger Team improved the process technology of the core part processing plant, largely avoiding the problem of rework. At the same time, the Tigers also optimized the overall process in production, shortened the production cycle time of core parts and made the production efficiency of the BTC linearly increased. The workload of the past 12 workers can now be completed by 6 people. The company also successfully reorganized the original three-shift production into two shifts.

Innovation forms a virtuous circle.

“The secret of improvement is to combine the use of your own professional theories and knowledge of reserves, and to constantly try, explore and open ideas, and finally find the best way and method for improvement,” said Huang Jie, chief engineer of the Tigers team. The goal for the team’s next stage is to save energy consumption, give full play to professional expertise, further optimize the technological process, avoid energy waste due to the inconvenience of the process, and ultimately achieve the goal of saving costs for the company.

“The five points of safety, quality, delivery, efficiency, and innovation are the secrets for us to maintain the vigor and strength of our company.”Piao Qinglian said that flight safety is no small matter. Since BTC is an aerospace manufacturing company, the priority is to ensure that the production process must all be qualified, and products must have security. “Safety is the premise of quality. With quality, we can naturally deliver products on time. We have achieved the first few points and the benefits will naturally come. However, in order to further enhance self-worth, employees will further improve and continue to innovate product processes. After this level of advancement, a benign cycle was formed at BTC”, said Piao Qinglian.

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