Binhai Gold Tourism Season 2018 kicks off

2018-05-11 18:04

The reporter learned from the District Commerce Commission on May 9 that in order to effectively integrate tourism resources in Binhai New Area and create branded tourism festivals, tocomprehensively enhance the influence of Binhai New Area and topromote the sustainable and healthy development of tourism inBinhai New Area, the District Commerce Commission will organize the Tianjin Binhai Golden Tourism Season 2018 from May to October 2018 and related activities have already started.

It is claimed that this year's tourism golden season includes 10 exquisite thematic tourism activities and 40 series of activities, which are carried out in the form of GovernmentGuidance, Corporate Commitment, Social Participation, and MarketOperations.

Top 10 district theme activities

According to the briefing, among the top ten theme events, the five events say Binhai New Area International Kite Festival, Bombardier China Jet Ski Invitational Tournament, Binhai Shopping Experience Season, Binhai New Area Summer Beer Festival, and Chadian Grape Culture and Tourism Festival are held annually. 100 Auto Travel in Binhai New Area and the Bite of China – Explore Binhai New Area, the Third Sports Tourism Industry Conference, the TEDA Aircraft Culture Russian Festival, and the Fantawild Campus Music Festival were newly opened this year. .

In May, Dongjiang Bay Scenic Spot held the Binhai New Area International Kite Festival 2018, inviting domestic and international professional kite performance teams to perform giant kite and stunt kite performances, and presenting motor tour, water sports performances, beach songs, dance performances and other special tourism activities. In June, the 3rd Bombardier China Jet Ski Invitational Tournament and the 3rd Sports Tourism Industry Conference will be held in succession. Visitors will be able to watch the top professional motorboat racers at home and abroad to show off their skills and parade. The Tianjin Fantawild World Fantasy Campus Music Festival, which covers more than 50 universities in Tianjin, will continue from May to June.

In the hot July and August, thematic activities such as 100cars from the Beijing-Tianin-Hebei region to drive to Binhai New Area, the Third BINGO (Binhai Shopping) Experience Season,Binhai New Area Summer Beer Festival 2018, A Bite of China –Explore Binhai New Area, etc. will bring summer cool to the citizens.

In the September harvest season, the 11th Tianjin BinhaiChadian Grape Culture and Tourism Festival will be held in theChadian Street. At that time, activities such as theAchievements in the 40 years of Reform and Opening up in Chadian, the Tea Tourism, Wine Processing and TraditionalCultural Industry Exhibition, the Tianjin Chadian Grape Industry and Sales Summit Forum, and the Grape Festival Competition will lead people to approach the Chadian and to experience grapes, wine and culture there. The TEDA Aircraft Carrier Russian Culture Festival was launched in October. Russian songs, dance performances and Russian food festivals will allow visitors to experience authentic Russian style.

Series of activities cover travel, dining, music and culture.

During the golden season of tourism, Binhai New Area will also hold a series of activities. It will be divided into four themes: Swimming in Binhai New Area, Dining in Binhai New Area,Joy in Binhai New Area, and Culture in Binhai New Area, with a total of 40 activities. Among them, 14 are Swimming in Binhai New Area, 5 are Dining in Binhai New Area, 14 are Joy in Binhai New Area, and 7 are Culture in Binhai New Area. Currently, 3activities have been held.

In terms of Joy in Binhai New Area, visitors to Binhai New Area will be able to travel to Tuohang General Airport in Taiping Town to experience a tour of an aviation town, an air travel theme tour, or to experience the Binhai New Area Summer Lighting Art Carnival 2018 at Tanggu Riverside Park, opening up the journey of urban dream. In Dongjiang Bay Beach Area, theTianjin Harbor Tourism and Culture Festival 2018 and Dongjiang International Sea Leisure Tourism Festival will continue from June to October. During the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday season, theme parks such as Fantawild andAircraft Carrier Theme Park will launch snowboarding events and reunions, adding a joyous atmosphere to people's holiday life.

In the Binhai New Area, the Fantawild World Cup Oktoberfest, the Rainforest Live Movie World Cup, the Internet Food Festival, and the Eleventh Winter Date Harvesting Seven-Day Festival will offer wine and food feasts to inspire tourists' taste buds.

In terms of Joy in Binhai New Area, the Tianjin Festival andMusic Gala, the theme of the Great Navigation Age, the Colorful Shells event, the National Beach Volleyball Championship, and Tianjin Dongjiang Yacht Model Show 2018 will allow tourists toenjoy a music feast in Binhai New Area, to get satisfaction and to have a good time.

In terms of Culture in Binhai New Area, the Dagang Olympic Museum will bring about 100-year Olympic Theme Exhibition, the 10th Anniversary of Successful Hosting of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and the Beijing Olympic Games Special Exhibition. The Dagukou Fortress Site Museum will also launch the Binhai New Area Volunteer Talkers Contest, etc. A series of activities will take visitors to history and foresee the future. In the Binhai New Area Art Museum in Tianjin, the British Lumen Digital Art Awards World Tour Tianjin Station will be held in Binhai New Area Art Museum of Tianjin from May 21 to June 21. Visitors will wear VR glasses to experience artistic charm of new technologies.

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