Binhai New Area has a rich cultural creative atmosphere

2018-05-11 18:08

On May 9, the reporter saw in the 21 Creative Space in Buzili, theCentral Business District in the Tianjin Economic-technologicalDevelopment Area (abbreviated as TEDA), a giant LED screen installed on the wall and ceiling scrolled to play the public welfare ofCreating a Civilized City and Doing a Volunteer for Cultural Creation. Advertising attracts the attention of past citizens. The screen has a width of 7 meters and a total length of nearly 50 meters. The screen has bright colors and excellent demonstrationeffects.

It is claimed that TEDA has stepped up the promotion of culturalcreative atmosphere, and all units have broadcasted the public service advertisement of Creating China’s Civilized City, I Supportand I Participate. Publicity has mobilized employees to support participating in the campaign of creating a national civilized cityfor the first time.

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