“I feel happier since coming to Binhai New Area”

2018-05-11 18:10

In the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park, a brick-red single building with an area of more than 2,000 square meters stands out in the wind, especially eye-catching. This is the new home of Winicssec, a leading company in the field of industrial safety and security, in Binhai New Area. The reporter pushed open the door to the company’s office and saw many young people working in front of the computer. They concentrated and excited.

According to reports, Winicssec officially settled in the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park in 2017. Within a short period of several months, it developed new products and sought new partners. It quickly integrated into the industrial development of Binhai New Area and opened up a new chapter for itsdevelopment.

Corporate Profile

Company Name: Tianjin Winicssec Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Settlement Time: 2017

Location: Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park

Main business: It bases on research and development of industrial safety products, builds multi-industry security solutions and provides customers with full-process security services such as training, consultation, evaluation, construction, operation, maintenance, etc.

Excellent environment fosters a sense of well-being.

The reporter learned that Winicssec was established in September 2014 in Beijing. With its strong R&D and technical capabilities, the company's industrial firewall equipment has demonstrated its capabilities in major events such as the Hangzhou G20 Summit and the West-East Gas Pipeline Project. With the implementation of the coordinated development strategy of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and under the coordination of relevant departments, in the second half of last year, the Winicssec Company officially settled in Tianjin Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park.

Before coming to Tianjin, Wang Fangli, the company’s R&D manager, had worked and lived in Beijing for five years. He also came to Tianjin with the company’s migration.

“The work pressure here is much smaller than in Beijing, and the overall rhythm is more suitable for our research and development.” Wang Fangli told reporters that he lived in the Tanggu Street, and the work distance was getting closer while traffic jams were rare, and it took only 20 minutes to commuteevery day. It can save a lot of time than in Beijing. Binhai New Area is also close to Beijing. If he needs to go back to Beijing, it takes only one hour tothrough the high-speed rail and just over two hours by car. Moreover, the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park boasts a beautiful environment, complete policies, and an improved supporting environment. After he came to work in Tianjin, his sense of well-being never diminished.

Today, Wang Fangli basically puts all his focus on the Tianjin branch. In his words, "Working and living here makes people feel more relaxed and happy."

Based on Binhai New Area, it would like to open up new market opportunities.

In order to adapt to the fast-growing market, Winicssec is increasingly extending more plates from Beijing to Tianjin, allowing Tianjin to focus more on R&D, technical services and production. At present, the company's products cover a unified security management platform, industrial firewall, monitoring and auditing platform, industrial control host guards + security U disk, host security reinforcement system, intrusion detection system, one-way isolation gateway, security isolation and information exchange system, security operation and maintenance management system, industrial control vulnerability scanning platform, industrial control loophole mining platform, industrial Internet radar control network, offensive and defensive drill platform, etc., and it has so far served more than 200 industry customers in fields of electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, rail transportation, intelligent manufacturing, gas, water, military, tobacco, coal, chemical industry, colleges, universitiesand research institutions.

Wang Fangli told reporters that his team is currently busy with the R&D of the 3.0 version of the industrial control vulnerability mining platform. The platform uses industry-leading technology to perform unknown vulnerability mining, security, and robustness testing on industrial control equipment (PLC, etc.), industrial control systems (DCS, SCADA, etc.), and in-depth knowledge of various types of known or unknown industrial control equipment or systems to locate vulnerabilities, clear positioning problems, to give repair proposals,and to enhance the safety and competitiveness of industrial control equipment manufacturers' products. "The customer's engineering equipment needs to be networked and all need to be certified. The loophole exploitation platform for industrial control can help them find out loopholes and pass certification." Wang Fangli told reporters that the research and development in Binhai New Areais quiet, but the project progress is very fast. The current platform upgrade has entered a closing stage – according to the plan, this month it will be put on the market.

In addition to the 3.0 version to be released, i.e., the forthcoming industrial control vulnerability mining platform, the company is rapidly developing after coming to Binhai New Area. It is claimed that after coming to Tianjin, Winicssec has already reached cooperation with units like Dagang Oilfield, and obtained the Science and Technology Project of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Besides, the company has also successfully obtained the largest financing in the field of industrial control security last month, with a financing scale of several hundred million yuan.

“In the future, this will be our demonstration area. There will be a history of the company’s development. The third floor is the R&D center, and the fourth floor is the production line...” At the end of the interview, Wang Fangli pointed at the company that has not been completely filled andconfidently introduced the next planned Winicssec Tianjin to the reporter. This will be the most important base for Winicssec, except for its Beijing headquarters. Based on Binhai New Area, Winicssec has full confidence in the future development.

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