The 4th Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone Talent Fair and Spring Talent Intelligence Exchange held: High-caliber technical talents become popular

2018-05-16 10:01

On the morning of May 12, the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone Talent Fair and Spring Talent Intelligence Exchange were held in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. The reporter learned from the job fair that the scarcest talent in the TianjinPilot Free Trade Zone is currently centered on aerospace, equipment manufacturing, a new generation of information technology, biomedicine, and finance. In addition, the reporter also found that in this Talent Fair, the enterprise is more enthusiastic about the pursuit of senior technical talents,and it cooperates with the talent and settlement policies of Binhai New Area to provide graduates with a large number of posts.

Online and offline recruitment brings more accurate match.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the job fair had been crowded and lively. At the scene, the reporter saw that many companies provided higher job requirements, mainly focusing on the shortage of talents in the Pilot Free Trade Zone for international trade, logistics, aerospace, and a new generation of information technology. Numerous well-known companies are on the scene recruiting talents, including Cashway Technology, Kerry Oil, Shanhaiguan Beverages, Okair Aviation, Joy Air, CIMC Container and many otherrepresentative companies in the PFTZ, who have thrown Olive Branches to job seekers.

“The scale of the talent fair in the PFTZ is the highest ever, attracting more than 150 companies in and out of the zone to recruit and to provide more than two thousand jobs for high-caliber talents, college graduates and social workers.” Tang Yanbin, who is in charge of the human resources market ofTianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, told reporters that the number of companies coming to the talent fair this year was 50% more than that of last year, and more jobs were created, providing candidates with plenty of choices.

Not only that, the reporter also learned that compared with previous years, this year's Free Trade Zone Talent Festival adopted a combination of online and offline. “We have improved and optimized the FTA talent network. Companies can make reservations in advance in the PFTZ’s talent network and post job information and recruitment requirements. Job-seekers can also post job search intentions and online CVs, and decide whether to participate in recruitment on-site." Tang Yanbin told reporters that for companies and job seekers, the two sides exchange information, and the accuracy of job search and recruitment has been greatly improved.

Demand for high-caliber technical talents is high.

The reporter found at the scene that the company’s demand for high-calibertechnical personnel is relatively strong. “Our company's technical positions still have about 20-30 vacancies.” Yang Zhenmin, chief operating officer of Tianjin Biyang Robot Systems Engineering Co., Ltd., said in an interview that the company’s current development is relatively smooth due to the high technological content of the company's products. So there is a great demand for R&D talents. They received more than 30 resumes on the talent fair, of which more than 90% are talents of R&D nature. I believe that they can find many talents suitable for the company. These individuals, with their personal technical skills, can earn a monthly income of up to 20,000 yuan.

Cashway Technology Co., Ltd., a financial equipment manufacturer from theTianjin Airport Economic Area, has also launched dozens of positions in various categories, covering JAVA software engineers, C++ software engineers, electronic engineers, structural engineers, software test engineers, maintenance engineers, and IT service managers and other posts. The company's HR told reporters that the current software talent is in shortage, especially software management personnel who can bring project teams. “Tianjin still has a lot of room for talent development in the software industry. The high-calibertalent is relatively scarce. The company is also actively working hard to attract high-end talents back to Tianjin through various policies such as salary and talent settlement.” In terms of revenue, HR of Cashway Technology Co., Ltd. introduced to reporters: "Our Company’s senior technical staff can earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, and in addition, they can enjoy excellent employees’ benefits."

"As regards the development direction of regional industries in the PilotFree Trade Zone, enterprises have great demand for high-caliber technical talents. In addition, financial and IT talents are also the direction aboutwhich enterprises are more concerned this year." Tang Yanbin said, in addition, the talent policy and settlement policy in Binhai New Area were combined. Inthis year's talent fair, the companies that come to recruit have arranged many jobs for graduates so that more university graduates can stay in Tianjin and stay in Binhai New Area.

According to Tang Yanbin, the job fair has also set up service platforms such as employment policy consultation, vocational guidance, skills training, and rights protection services, and provides personalized career guidance services according to the jobseeker's own conditions. In half a day, a total of more than 1,500 job seekers were recruited, and nearly 500 people initially reached employment intentions on site. Since then, in addition to regularly holding offline job fairs, the human resources market in Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone will also release companies on a daily basis through platforms such as Pilot Free Trade Zone Talent Network (www.zimaohr.com) and Tianbao WeChatpublic account. Recruitment information enables job seekers and employers to achieve effective connection.

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