A trial that two parties can attend without stepping outdoors

2018-05-16 10:03

The plaintiff was in Beijing and the defendant was in Binhai New Area. Both parties did not appear at the trial site. The plaintiff and the defendant, who were more than 160 kilometers apart, took advantage of the online video connection and used the big screen at the court to realize the online participation in the lawsuit.

On May 11, Tianjin’s first online court trial was held in the DistrictPeople’s Court of Binhai New Area.

"There is no difference in setting up a court in Beijing."

The reporter witnessed the entire trial.

At 9:00 a.m., when the reporter went to the Internet court of the People's Court of Binhai New Area, the staff members had started to debug the equipment to prepare for the opening of the court. The original defendant both went online in time according to the stipulated time and commissioned their respective online systems.

At 9:30, after reading the lawsuit of the Internet Court of the People's Court of Binhai New Area, Tianjin, the presiding judge rang the law and announced that the Intellectual Property Department of the District People'sCourt of Tianjin Binhai New Area had openly heard a case involving a dispute over a technology commission development contract.

In the cross-examination section of the two parties, only the parties clicked on the Identification button at the bottom of the computer screen. On the big screen of the court trial, the evidence provided by the parties wouldbe clear at a glance.

During the court debate, the original defendant debated the case focus and clearly clarified the voice. In the end, both parties in the case agreed to mediate and court mediation continued to use online mediation. After completing the final presentation, the party clicked on the View Transcript button at the bottom of the screen to easily read the transcript and confirmed it to sign with the QR code on the mobile phone by means of scanning the screen.

The whole trial lasted for about one hour.

After the court trial ended, the legal representative of the plaintiff and Mr. Li, the plaintiff's agent, interviewed the reporter through the online system. He said that the network trial provided great convenience for foreign companies. In the past, one must come from Beijing to Tianjin one day inadvance and it was a lot of extra costs. Now it can be completed in one morning, and there is no difference with any trial in a court in Beijing.

"The data is more likely to be circulated and the people don’t need to bother to hit the court."

"The realization of this trial has benefited from the online trial system of the People's Court of Binhai New Area that was formally commissioned on the same day. The system is based on multimedia technology, communication technology, digital video technology and computer network and is the first inTianjin. For example, Bao Jinyan, the person in charge of the intellectual property section of the People's Court of Binhai New Area, told reporters that with the help of the Internet online trial system, the parties can achieve online evidence exchange, online pre-court meetings, online court sessions, and online mediation. In particular, for cases where the facts are more complex, there are more evidential materials, and the parties are in conflict, the judge can use the system to organize the parties to conduct multiple mediations and evidence exchanges to reduce the suffering of parties involved. It also builds a bridge for the parties to communicate effectively and smoothly and truly realizes the fact that the data is more likely to be circulated and the peopledon’t need to bother to hit the court, which can fully protect the litigation rights of all participants in the proceedings. In addition, the court will issue an online litigation handbook. After making an appointment in advance, the parties can use the mobile phone terminal and the computer terminal as required to conduct online trials on the premise of mutual consent and voluntariness. At the same time, the voice recognition system automatically generates transcripts, and the parties check the electronic transcripts and click the confirmation button.

In recent years, the District People's Court of Binhai New Area has seen a surge in the number of cases of infringement of works on the Internet, and the sources of the parties are diverse. Most of the parties involved are not in Tianjin, causing increased costs for participating in litigation and increasingly straining judicial resources. In order to further satisfy the people's demand for more efficient and high-quality judicial services, and toimprove the level of judicial work in the Internet age, the People's Court of Binhai New Area has explored the establishment of a computer network technologybased on Internet multimedia technology, communication technology and digital video technology early this year. The court trial system has opened up the LastMile to the Internet litigation service.

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