Joint efforts to build an AI Application Demonstration Area

2018-05-21 10:36

On May 16, Binhai New Area signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with IFLYTEK Co. Ltd. The two parties will strengthen the development and application of artificial intelligence of the new generation, promote the application of Artificial Intelligence + in the fields of education, medical treatment, and judicature, and develop intelligent technology, so as to jointly create an artificial intelligence application demonstration area. The following figures attended: Zhang Yuzhuo, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and party secretary of Binhai New Area; Yang Maorong, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and district governor; Li Cailiang, a member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and secretarygeneral of the District Party Committee; Xia Qinglin, deputy districtgovernor; Wang Guoliang, deputy secretary of the Working Committee of the Bonded Zone and director of the Administrative Committee.

Jointly effort to carry out top-level design of the Artificial Intelligence Application Demonstration Area

According to the agreement, Binhai New Area and IFLYTEK will give full play to their respective strengths and jointly develop the Artificial Intelligence Application Demonstration Area. The in-depth study will be conducted on the four aspects of the data format, industry standards, testing methods, and major application areas of artificial intelligence in combination with the actual situation of Binhai New Area to put forward the top-level design, build the artificial intelligence industry ecosystem featuring One StepAhead, One Step Forward, and promote the healthy and orderly development of artificial intelligence industry in Binhai New Area.

Building a Smart Education Public Service Platform in the whole Binhai New Area

Binhai New Area and IFLYTEK will jointly invest in the construction of an integratedSmart Education Public Service Platform to comprehensively promote the application ofIFLYTEK’s Intelligent Teaching Auxiliary System and achieve the popularization of intelligent precision education technology in Binhai New Area to solve the extracurricular burden on primary and middle school students. Problems such as unbalanced educational resources, uneven teacher levels, etc. can be solved, which helps Binhai New Area take the lead in realizing the equalization and homogenization of public education, and improve public education through artificial intelligence technology so as to provides strong supportto the economic and social development in Binhai New Area.

Building a Smart Medical Public Service Platform

Binhai New Area and IFLYTEK will jointly invest in the construction of a Smart Medical Public Service Platform. Through the use of artificial intelligence technology such as theMedical Imaging Intelligent Aided Diagnosis of IFLYTEK, it has effectively improved the curative effect rate of large specialist hospitals and reduced the workload of physicians; through IFLYTEK’s General Practitioner Intelligent Aid Treatment, Intelligent Follow-up of Family Doctors, artificial intelligence technologies, improving the level of diagnosis and treatment in basic hospitals, normalizing residents' intelligent health management, changing passive medical treatment into active health management and control, and fundamentally implementing hierarchical medical treatment, and improving the health service system of Binhai New Area through artificial intelligence.

Implementation of smart applications in social governance

Binhai New Area will promote the application of artificial intelligence such as Intelligent Trial System, Smart Trial System, Smart Governmental System, Smart Network Supervision System and other artificial intelligence in the field of social governance, and use the AI means to perceive the social situation, smoother communication channels, promote the construction of Safe Binhai with informatization and intelligence, improve the ability of social governance through artificial intelligence, and modernize the social governance capabilities of Binhai New Area.

Support to the development of artificial intelligence financial services

Binhai New Area actively supports financial institutions such as banks and IFLYTEK to carry out R&D and cooperation. It supports IFLYTEK to innovate financial business processes and general welfare services through artificial intelligence, and uses artificial intelligence to provide the society with safer, more reliable, convenient, and smarter financial services as well as technical means.

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