Which talents are the most popular in Binhai New Area?

2018-05-24 16:14

- According to the current situation of the market in Binhai New Area, the IT industry related to Internet Plus and the enterprise recruitment in the smart manufacturing industry are in great demand.

- Through joint investigation by the authoritative department, it was found that in 2018, Binhai New Area urgently needed more than 6,000 talents and involved 52 industries covering the Internet, e-commerce, financial factoring, high-end commerce, biomedicine, new energy and new materials, and automobile manufacturing.

As the leader of regional development, what areas of Binhai New Area are most in need of talents? Which talents are the most popular? With thesequestions, in the past few days, the reporter visited the talent market and recruitment fair in Binhai New Area and found that high-tech talents in the Internet+, smart manufacturing, and bio-pharmaceutical industries were most favored by recruiting companies, and they were generally well paid.

Businesses are eager to introduce high-tech talents

Opening a large-scale recruitment website in the country and enteringTianjin Binhai New Area in the search box, it will jump out tens of thousands of search results in less than 1 second. Among them, there are more than 2,000 recruitment positions requiring bachelor degree or above. From the perspective of treatment, there are more than 500 jobs with monthly salary above 10,000RMB.

Similarly, in the headhunting section of the local recruitment website TEDA Talent, among 108 recruitment information are currently displayed, high-paying positions also account for a large proportion, including senior casting engineers, automotive industry quality managers, software development engineers, and mechanical design. The annual salary of more than ten positionslike engineers has reached more than 180,000 yuan.

“According to the current situation in the market of Binhai New Area, there is a greater demand for recruitment in the IT industry related to 'Internet Plus' and smart manufacturing industries. The benefits of Internet technical engineers, R&D personnel and designers of the smart manufacturing industry are also relatively high. According to different positions and responsibilities, the salary is roughly in the range of 10,000-30,000 yuan, andsalary in these positions from foreign companies may be even higher,” said a headhunting consultant from TEDA Talent to reporters.

At the 4th Talents Festival of Tianjin Free Trade Port Zone and the Spring Talent Intelligence Exchange Conference held recently, Hengyin Financial, a financial equipment manufacturer from the Airport Economic Area, has launched dozens of positions in various categories, covering JAVA Software engineers, C++ software engineers, electronic engineers, structural engineers, softwaretest engineers, maintenance engineers, and IT service supervisors. In an interview with this reporter, the company’s HR stated: “Tianjin still has a lot of room for talent development in the software industry. High-end talent is relatively scarce. Therefore, our company’s senior technical staff can achieve a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan. One can enjoy excellent employees’benefits."

Professionals and urgently needed talents are the focus.

At present, Binhai New Area is in a critical period of development, and it also requires the emergence of a large number of talents. In the Tianjin Fairheld in April this year in 2018, Binhai New Area released the Catalogue ofScarce Talents in Binhai New Area 2018, involving a total of 42 sub-specialties and 82 urgently needed jobs.

The Catalogue shows that through joint investigation by the authoritative department, it was discovered that by 2018, Binhai New Area urgently needed more than 6,000 talents and involved 52 industries, covering the Internet, e-commerce, financial factoring, high-end commerce, biomedicine, and new energy, materials, automotive manufacturing and other fields. The shortage of high-end talent posts mainly includes international logistics, financial trade, numerical control engineers, foreign exchange market analysts, environmental assessment engineers, electrical engineers, etc.; it is extremely in short supply needs mainly for big data analysts, communication system designers, polymer technicians, algorithm design and so on.

Zang Xueying, director of the Economic Research Department of the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee and director of the Institute of Economic Development Strategy, said that in the past, the economic development of Binhai New Area was mainly driven by manufacturing and heavy chemical industries. In recent years, Binhai New Area has actively promoted industrial transformation and created industrial clusters. It has achieved certain achievements in the fields of biomedicine, Internet, big data, and intelligent manufacturing. How to boost these industries to a higher level as soon as possible is an issue that needs to be solved urgently. Therefore, in Binhai New Area, these areas are in urgent need of talents.

Zang Xueying also pointed out that while regional development is looking outwards and attracting talents, it should also work hard to explore talented people in the region, and create institutional entrepreneurial atmosphere for those personnel who are familiar with the regional situation and who want toand can do concrete matters.

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