Beihai Road Tunnel is opening soon

2018-05-25 12:54

The main part of the second port railway line of Beihai Road under passing, road works, drainage works, lighting projects, traffic engineering and ancillary works have all been completed, and all sub-projects have been accepted. The controlling company of the Construction Investment Group is actively organizing the acceptance of all participating units for completion.

The starting point of the project of Beihai Road tunnel is located in the First Avenue of Tianjin Economic-technologicalDevelopment Area (abbreviated as TEDA) and ends at Ziyun East Road in Tanggu, connecting TEDA and Xingang area. It has a total length of 963.484 meters, two-way six lanes and a design speed of 40 kilometers per hour. As a key project of the Breakthrough Project in Binhai New Area, after opening, it will relieve traffic pressure on the Central Avenue tunnel and Chunfeng Road tunnel, improve residents’ travel conditions, and benefit the people’s livelihood.

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