Three libraries in Binhai New Area awarded the National First Class Library

2018-05-25 12:54

The reporter learned from the District Cultural and Sports Bureau of Binhai New Area on May 24 that after a one-year assessment, 3 libraries in Binhai New Area including the Binhai New Area Library, the TEDA Library, and the Airport Library of the Airport EconomicArea had been awarded as the First Class Library in the sixth national public library at or above the county level in the assessment and rating work of the museum. Tianjin has a total of 14 first class public libraries including Tianjin Library and Tianjin Children's Library.

It is claimed that the assessment and grading of public libraries nationwide above the county level is conducted once every four years. It aims to promote construction through evaluation, promote evaluation through management, promote evaluation through evaluation, and promote the development of public library undertakings nationwide. According to the evaluation criteria, as the national first-class museum in the jurisdiction area of the municipalities directly under the central government in eastern China, all three libraries have reached 350,000 volumes (subsidiary) of documents borrowed each year, 0.03 volumes per year of new documents per capita, and building area of 10,000 square meter and other necessary conditions.

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