Break the monopoly of foreign markets: Research and development of suitable probiotics for Chinese people

2018-05-25 12:56

In the past two weeks, Dr. Yang Hua, the founder of Tianjin Ke Ruiheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., ushered in a busy period. This is because many of the probiotic products he innovated and developed formally went to market in May. Yang Hua told reporters that he had been exposed to probiotics in schools since 2007 and that he had followed this path for 11 years. Today, as an entrepreneur, he is determined to break the monopoly of foreign probiotic strains and raw material products by large foreign companies, develop pro-indigenous probiotic products suitable for the Chinese intestinal flora, and strive to make these probiotic products for more accurate people.

If you want to break the monopoly, you need to work hard to improve your internal strength.

"At present, China has more probiotics branded processing companies, but the number of probiotics produced by the original research factories is relatively small. Most of these raw materials are monopolized by large foreign companies, resulting in a very serious homogenization of products on the probiotic market in China." Yang Hua said that due to the different dietary structures of Chinese and Westerners, the intestinal microflora will also have great differences. Many foreign probiotics are not very suitable in China. Different probiotic strains and different formulations correspond to different groups of people, but these problems have not yet attracted sufficient attention in the Chinese market.

In order to change this situation, Yang Hua started his own entrepreneurial plan from 2016 and established Tianjin Ke Ruiheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. In order to establish a probiotic library that is suitable for the Chinese intestinal flora, Yang Hua led the technical team to start sampling, screening, and functional development of probiotic strains for up to one year.

To break the foreign monopoly, it is necessary to train the internal strength. In order to find the best strain in the sample, Yang Hua and his team often need to return from the sample extraction site in Qinghai to the laboratory located in Binhai New Area within 24 hours for sample extraction. Taking the example of the first probiotic product, Yiyuan Qinghui Probiotics Solid Drink as an example, which was formed by them, more than 100 samples were extracted during the development and more than 2,000 probiotics were isolated. Through screening in vitro, in vivo and in human trials, only three probiotics have finally entered the industrialization stage. Through the further screening of industrialization, only one strain named LP-A3 finally became a qualified industrialized probiotic strain.

Take a long-term perspective with the giant’s shoulders.

On the website of the Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine (the TJAB for short), the profile of the company founded by Yang Hua was placed in the column of the Institute's Excellent Incubator. Yang Hua said that the institute itself is the aircraft carrier of China's biomedical innovation and is also the cradle of innovation. Every researcher here is highly innovative. Incubating and growing companies here are one of the most correct decisions they make.

"The TJAB not only provides office space, but also provides an experimental platform with a leading level of quality. It also has very low fees for incubating projects. This is very suitable for an entrepreneurial company like us." Yang Hua said that when the team did experiments, the TJAB provided microbial culture equipment, clean benches, and many related equipment, which saved the company a lot of costs. In his words, the innovative and entrepreneurial companies can only Reach the Heights with the Giant’sShoulders.

In addition to hardware support, the TJAB has also been helping companies connect with various resources. According to Yang Hua, since the establishment of the project, with the help of the TJAB, more than a dozen funds and investors have been received, and some have even completed due diligence.

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