Binhai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum held in Airport Economic Area

2018-05-25 12:57

On May 23, the second phase of the Binhai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum 2018 organized by the Science and Technology Innovation Committee of Binhai New Area, the Binhai New Area Science and Technology Financial Service Center, with the theme of Exploring the Industry's Incubation Carrier's and the Industry's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Path, was held in the Beichuang Camp Tianjin Base in the Airport Economic Area. The event attracted more than 30 entrepreneurial incubation carriers. Several guests discussed the industry's innovation and entrepreneurship and the carrier industry'sinnovation and entrepreneurship path. They proposed that themakerspace should be upgraded in a professional and refined manner and support dragon skull enterprises, universities, and research institutes to build platform-based makerspaces around superior segmented areas.

During the event, Yuan Hang, co-founder of the Peking University Entrepreneurship Camp and general manager of the National Base Operations and Management Department, gave a speech on the theme ofExploring Peking University's Start-up Camp on Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Responsible persons of the three startup incubators of Biochip Co., Ltd. and Ruipu Biosciences introduced the results of their own development, and shared their experiences in the areas of smart manufacturing, aviation industry, and bio-pharmaceutical companies under the support of the innovation and entrepreneurship policy.

Yuan Hang told reporters: “In the past, there were misunderstandings about the incubator's identification in some areas, and the refinement was to prevent the social resources from mingling with the innovation and entrepreneurship dividends. At present, many students’ entrepreneurial passions are encouraged, but most students just find an entrepreneurial proposition to earn start-up funds. Coupled with the lack of follow-up of entrepreneurial projects, they did not make any good reverberations in the early days and they directly withdrew without encouraging intensive cultivation.

The successful organization of the event will help to better implement the party's Nineteenth Congress, promote industrial upgrading with innovation and entrepreneurship, promote high-quality economic development, and shape the innovation and entrepreneurship of large and small enterprises, create a upgrade edition ofinnovation and entrepreneurship, rely on advantageous industries to support the healthy development of small, medium and micro enterprises.

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