Alibaba Cloud energizes High-Trend IoT Big Data Platform: Building a urban internet of things featuring one city with one cloud

2018-05-25 12:58

On May 23, the Yunxi Conference 2018 hosted by Alibaba Group kicked off. The conference focused on the vigorous development of science and technology ecology such as IoT big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things to discuss the road of digital transformation of enterprises and accelerate industrial upgrading. In the meantime, the company High-Trend from Binhai New Area was invited to attend the conference as a partner in the field of smart city and the Internet of Things. CEO Hao Shixuan visited the site and participated in the release of Tianchi global AI developer program ofAlibaba Cloud.

As one of the important partners of Tianchi Ecology, Alibaba Cloud, the High-Trend is a leading company in the public internet of things in China’s electronics industry. It focuses on artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and block chain as its core technology and specializes in urban Internet of Things, infrastructure investment, construction and operation. High-Trend Public IoT Big Data Platform is a city public Internet of Things AI big data intelligence platform based on China's electronic autonomous controllable technical safety standards and data sharing regulations.

As a pioneer of industrial AI, Alibaba Cloud increasingly focuses on the enabling role of the industry. In the future, based on the powerful enabling role of Alibaba Cloud, High-Trend will fully rely on Alibaba Cloud’s cloud-based platform and strong support from the industry ecosystem to build a One City with One Cloud solution for the city’s total IOT solution and cities together with Alibaba Cloud. The new service model and new business model will continue to be replicated throughout the country, with the continuous innovation and development of the ecosystem of internet big data industry.

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