First Science Popularization Base of Elementary-EducationStage Establishes in Binhai New Area

2018-05-25 13:03

Under a student’s skillful operation, an UAV successfully threw down “goods and materials” at a specific area… This was what the reporter saw on the opening ceremony of Creative-Space Science Popularization Base of TEDA No. 2 High School. It is learned that this base is the first science popularization base of elementary-education stage in Tianjin.

Chen Hua, headmaster of TEDA No. 2 High School, said that the space is divided into 2 spaces, covering an area of 150 square meters, one of which is for club activities of UAVs and USVs, and the other of which is for students to use tools in conducting electronic weld and circuit design and is also a space to make ideas come true. It is learned that the base will cover an area of 2 thousand square meters of the whole playground in future and will continue to hold maker activities, technological contests, etc. The base will be open to the public regularly.

“Everything I learn in the books becomes real at here.” Gu Mingkun, a senior high school student from Class 3 Grade 1 of TEDA No. 2 High School, told the reporter that she completed some little inventions including photo resistance and loudspeaker boxes with her classmates.

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