Development of medical and health industry in Binhai New Area accelerated

2018-05-28 14:21

At the second World Intelligence Congress (the WIC for short) held recently, the Smart Health and Medical Forum attracted special attention. The forum focused on the theme ofIntelligent Technology Drives Medical and Health Development. It discussed the deep integration of smart technology and medical and health industries, led the upgrade of smart medical and health services, and promoted the application of new technologies such as informatization, big data and artificial intelligence in the development of medical and health field. The reporter noted that smart health and smart medical care have now become emerging industries in Tianjin and Binhai New Area.

Smart wearable device for remote monitoring

Recently, Tianjin Jiexi Cancer Hospital Co., Ltd., which has settled in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone, and Tianjin ZheMei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the project on the project of Internet of Things smart medical health. The two parties will work hard to create a new Five-in-one smart + medical + nursing + support + health industry model in the field of smart medical and health care, including basic research, applied research, smart industry, education and training, and medical and health services; smart wards, smart care, big data cloud health, and many other aspects launched a full range of in-depth cooperation.

"Through cooperation, Home Beauty will remotely monitor physical function indicators through smart wearable devices, and then upload the monitored vital signs information to the cloud through the mobile Internet to form medical and health big data, mobile Internet technologies, and smart wearable devices. And medical big data platform can record and analyze users' medical health data at any time to achieve remote diagnosis and treatment.” The relevant person told reporters that in recent years, with the continuous increase of medical data, the computing power of cloud computing, big data, etc. has been rapidly advancing, and artificial intelligence has formed. There are more and more scenarios, and the smart healthcare industry is ushering in a fast-growing enthusiasm.

As the Old Driver of the smart medical district in Binhai New Area, the Orange Family in the Tianjin Economic-technology Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA) obtained a strategic investment from Philips (China) at the end of last year. This professional service provider specializing in the field of remote health management, as a start-up company for portable wearable devices, whose biggest feature is the binding of Medical Devices + MedicalServices, starts with telemedicine for chronic respiratory problems, and sets up a closed-loop process at the community level.

Smart health industry becomes a Special Business Card.

In addition, the reporter learned that Baiyang Intelligent Technology, a subsidiary of Baiyang Pharmaceutical Group, and the company Zhongyuan Xihe Gene Technology Co., Ltd., a regional company, have signed a cooperation agreement. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in cancer precision medicine and promote the development of accurate tumor medical treatment.

According to reports, from the current stage, gene sequencing can obtain more clinically-intervened mutation detection results, which is more conducive to assisting doctors in the precise treatment of tumors. For this reason, accurate treatment of tumors requires a more accurate and seamless decision-making assistant. The WfG system based on artificial intelligence technology offers the possibility of realizing large-scale application of precision medical treatment for cancer patients. The WfG is a cognitive computing system developed by IBM for use in the medical field for clinical annotation and interpretation of tumor gene sequencing. The WfG system can read high-throughput sequencing (NGS) data to help doctors find patient tumor drive genes and viable treatment options.

With the rise of the health industry, the layout of Binhai New Area in the biomedical industry has expanded to the great healthcare industry, covering medical equipment, medical health, medical services, incubation platforms and other fields, forming functions such as product R&D, technology conversion, and manufacturing in the biopharmaceutical industry chain. Tianjin Tianyu Technology Co., Ltd., Xiehe Stem Cell Genetic Engineering Co., Ltd.,Robustnique Corporation Ltd. and the nation’s first telemedicine association, the Tianjin Telemedicine Association, are becoming a special business card in Binhai New Area.

“Tianjin, especially Binhai New Area, has mature conditions and industrial foundations for telemedicine. The related industries such as electronics, machinery and equipment, and chemical industry are well developed. The high-tech talent is highly concentrated, medical experiment evaluation ability is strong, investment environment and financial support policies are superior, etc. "Industry analysis, through the continuous introduction of advanced telemedicine resources at home and abroad to support Tianjin's industries, smart technology is driving the development of medical and health industry in Binhai New Area to accelerate.

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