Incubation results in TBNA promote construction of a smart airport: Self-service baggage check-in equipment becomes a highlight

2018-05-28 14:23

A few days ago, the 26 self-service baggage check-in devices in the T2 domestic departure hall of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport became eye-catching. On the day of the operation, a total of 1,500 self-service baggage checks were successfully completed. The reporter learned that this self-service baggage check-in system is the core product of Tianjin Hangda Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd., which was incubated by China Civil Aviation Technology Industrialization Base in the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. The batch conversion application of the scientific and technological achievements has opened a new chapter in the large-scale passenger self-service in the construction of China's smart airport.

It is claimed that the self-service baggage check system uses bar code and RFID dual system operation, providing a double choice for airport operation and management. When passengers use self-service baggage check-in equipment, they only need to scan the ID card on the device, and they can complete a series of procedures such as printing the baggage bar and printing the baggage withdrawal voucher, and realize the whole process self-service of baggage check-in. It can intelligently identify the types of luggage (Trolley Cases, Soft Cases, etc.) and the way the luggage is placed by passengers. For different types of baggage, the corresponding instructions for shipping methods are given to facilitate the self-service operations of passengers. In order to ensure the safety of passengers' luggage, the system has adopted a number of safety measures, such as setting safety gates, safety light curtains, emergency handling buttons, etc., to prevent people and animals from entering the baggage system and maximizing the safety of passengers and baggage.

According to the person in charge of the company, the current products have been used in many domestic airports and airlines such as Tianjin Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Zhengzhou Airport, Qingdao Airport, Guangzhou Airport, Spring Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, etc. The Sales Volume in 2017 has exceeded 10 million yuan and intentional sales in 2018 have reached more than 60 million yuan.

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