TBNA creates a UAV Players’ Base

2018-06-04 16:53

Not long ago, in the series of world UAV activity organized by the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, a group of professional players came to TianijnBinhai New Area (TBNA for short), and reporters also came into close contact with this mysterious group. In the interview, the reporter learned that although the UAV industry is developing more rapidly, contrary to the rapid iteration of hardware, UAVs, especially those in professional operations, have been in a critical state. Few talent players have become a pain in the development of the industry. How to eliminate bottlenecks and resolve talent shortage? Binhai New Area is walking on the road.

Multiple reasons are superimposed so it is difficult for talents to access the industry.

The reporter learned from the interview that UAV riders did not grow as fast as the industry. In particular, UAV operation personnel in professional fields are even rarer. "The market does not lack the low-end players who will only push the throttle to take off the UAV. What is lacking is the ability to skillfully operate the UAV, with a clear grasp of the state of the UAV, andcontingent professionals with the ability to carry out timely all kinds of situations in the air,” said Wang Feng, general manager of the Leading Innovation (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. in an interview.

According to industry experts' estimation, according to the status quo of industrial development, there are more than one million UAV players required in various fields, and according to the authoritative data of the AOPA (China Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association), the number of national UAV license holders in 2017 was only 22,743 people.

In the interview, the reporter learned that operation from the entry to the actual operation can be completed smoothly; in fact, the training time required is not long. Generally speaking, the shortest is only 1 month. However, in front of such a huge market, why did the number of UAV players fail to meetexpectations of the industry? The reason is that the industry and policy work together.

Dabao is the first batch of UAV players in China and has participated in many domestic and international competitions. He told reporters that when flying a UAV, he needs to master the problem of flight physics, as well as brain control problems, and the ability to respond to the same problems must be mastered. It usually takes a certain amount of time to train if he wants to reach the standards of flying hands. In daily life, what we often see is that many people start working on new equipment at a big price, but they do not know how to fly, where to fly, whether they can fly, and how to repair and then fly. The insufficiency of huge exercise cost and professional and technical knowledge has become a major obstacle for potential players to embark on the path of specialization. "At present, the threshold for UAV players is still relatively high, and there is no systematic and professional training. It is very difficult for an outsider to enter this field," Dabao told reporters.

In addition, the reporter noted that in 2017, the National Civil Aviation Administration announced a series of measures to strengthen the management ofUAVs. Further efforts were exerted to rectify the Black UAV and to control theNo-fly region, which also deterred people who want to enter this field but are uncertain.

In addition to the influence of industry and policies, in reality, the flying career is not as bright as the legend and the salary is not so high. “In the case of agricultural plant protection, during the peak season, the monthly income of UAV players involved in plant protection can be tens of thousands, but in general, it is still hard to earn the money.” Li Yunfei, a media manager from IFLYTEK, told reporters that the UAV players need long time to stand. In the exposed field, eyes must be staring at the UVA in the visible range. The properties of the crops themselves also determine the degree of difficulty for UAV players. The UAV players cannot stand still to complete the work. Sometimes he needs to follow the vehicle back and forth. Coupled with the obvious changes in the peak season and the off-season, the high salaries of such UAV players are not easy to earn, and many prospective wavers who are looking forward to join in have been discouraged.

Break the bottleneck in the industry.

According to Dabao, the shortage of UAV players has become one of the bottlenecks restricting the future development of the industry. How to promote market development, lower the threshold, and allow more ordinary people to join the ranks of UAV players has become a problem that must be faced by the local development of the UAV industry. The reporter learned from the interview that in the innovative Binhai New Area, many enterprises and institutions have quickly shot and taken various measures to look forward to solving this problem.

This reporter learned that the company from the Eco-city launched the Fooltype of UAV operation. According to the introduction of the managing director of Quanhua Times, at present, most of the UAVs in the market have high technical requirements for UAV players, but this product named Sentinel is manageable for fools, and UAV players only need to accept short-time trainingto achieve a key to take off and landing, without using the remote control. On the screen, one click on the location and route can enable the UAV to fly to the set point to perform tasks. At present, the Sentinel UAV has been applied to some public security systems in Tianjin. Not only that, the UAV Racing Pavilion built for this competition will also be permanently retained in the Eco-city, and will be used as a venue to gather talents. At the same time, the museum will also carry out further upgrading and transformation as a window for children in the Eco-city and even Binhai New Area to contact UAVs, allowing them to see and fall in love with UAVs.

As a leading company in the UAV industry, TEDA’s companies have been training talents UAVs. According to Li Yunfei, IFLYTEK and the National Unmanned Vehicle Driving School AOPA reached a cooperation to provide the most practical first-hand data and R&D concepts for the training of UAV professionals, and injected the actual experience of outstanding enterprises into the electronic examination papers of assessment to form a talent training audit mechanism combining theory with practice. At the same time, in order to better guide the development of the UAV industry, IFLYTEK, TEDA Technology Group and CITIC Marine Helicopter Co., Ltd. jointly built the first UAV professional test flight base in North China. According to Li Yunfei, the base far exceeds 10,000 standard football fields, allowing UAV players feel freeabout the location of the exercise. At present, the base is undergoing equipment improvement and is expected to be put into use within the year.

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