Tianjin Will Promote the Innovation Research on Intelligent Driverless Vehicles

2018-06-05 15:32

The reporter learned from Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission that with the cooperation of relevant departments, the local research companies of intelligent vehicles in Tianjin succeeded in completing the road test of automaticdriving vehicles in Tianjin section of Tangshan-Langfang highway.

The reporter learned that with the organization and promotion of Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission, Tianjin Highway Group, together with Tianjin Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry Research Institute and Tsintel Technology Co., Ltd., recently used Tangshan-Langfang highway, which was not yet open, to conduct automatic driving test based on the real environment. The speed reached 80km/h in the automatic driving condition. The vehicle test condition was good and the test result met the expected goal.

The person in charge of Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission said that the completion of the test has accumulated data and optimized design to speed up the development and application of automatic driving technologies. Next, Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission will promote the innovation research of man less driving with Tianjin Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology, Tianjin Public Security Department, and other departments to improve the coordination mechanism, boost the construction of special test sites, research and formulate technical standards and regulations. According to the increasing demands for travel safety of customers, automobile industry and companieswill be organizedto accelerate technology research and application progress and develop high-level intelligent-networkautomotive engineeringfor creatinga more convenient and efficient traffic environment.

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