Leisure fishing boats in Binhai New Area usher in the Steel Era

2018-06-06 11:42

Recently, the first batch of steel shell leisure fishing boats in Binhai New Area was successively built and sailed back to the CentralFishing Port. A total of 22 steel vessel leisure fishing boats were built in the first batch, of which 15 were built by Huazhong Shipbuilding Factory and the remaining 7 were built by the shipyard of Caofeidian in Tangshan City. These leisure fishing boats are designed according to the national standardized fishing boats, which are more secure in safety and strong in wind resistance. They are equipped with advanced Beidou positioning and communication navigation equipment, which are more suitable for the development of modern fishery and meet the development needs of local regions.

Master Cai, a fishermen from the Caijiabao, began to earn their living by fishing at the age of 23, but they all depended on wooden boats to go to sea. “After replacing the new ship, the safety is improved, the cabin more insulated, and the overall environment of the ship is improved. The new ship is like a new home and hopes to go to sea as soon as possible,” Master Zhao told reporters happily.

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