Tianjin's property company listed in Tianjin OTC for the first time

2018-06-06 11:47

On June 1, Tianjin Huizhi Property Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the Tianjin Binhai Counter Trading Market (Tianjin OTC for short) (stock code: BH002001). The company was the first in Tianjin to land on the New Fourth Board in Tianjin with the theme of property service industry. It was also the first property company in Binhai New Areato be successfully listed on the New Fourth Board. It was the only comprehensive reform of Binhai New Area as a property service industry in Tianjin and a major new breakthrough in the pilot. The official listing of Huizhi Property not only fully affirms the company's steady development over the years, but also marks a new way for the company to raise social funds.

According to reports, the New Fourth Board is positioned on the regional capital market behind the Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market. The equity trading center serves a large number of small and medium-sized companies with growth and value. The growing SMEs can use the New Fourth Board as a springboard and then deliver it to the GEM. This is of great significance to the development of SMEs.

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