Build a shared ecosystem to facilitate makers in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

2018-06-07 18:00

On June 5, a grand press conference for the massive hatching acceleration platform for the Grandview AI Big Data was held in Beijing. At the press conference, the massive big data incubator of the famous big data platform (hereinafter referred to as massive big data) and the leading new economic acceleration platform Shengjing Wanglian (hereinafter referred to as Shengjing) from the Tianjin Eco-city in Binhai New Area announced the establishment of the Massive Grandview Data Intensive Incubation Acceleration Platform. The Platform deeply combines the platform-level application incubator capability of large-scale big data with the acceleration capability of Shengjing Group's investment and industrial platform, and seeks potential entrepreneurs to jointly start businesses, providing enterprises with big data technologies, entrepreneurial methodologies and coaches, industry and market resources, capital and other integrated services to fully hatch, accelerate and further activate the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Beijing-Tianjin region.

Joint service can increase entrepreneurial success rate.

Different from the traditional acceleration platform, the massive AI Big Data Severe Incubation Acceleration Platform selects a model of joint entrepreneurship service, and achieves effective connection between incubation and acceleration.

The reporter learned that after years of accumulation, the current massive data has concluded a complete set of entrepreneurial methodologies and methods of heavy incubation. It has successfully hatched outstanding projects such as Haiyun, Sogou, Haizhi and Yixue, and the methodology has been effectively verified.

“Massive data is used as an incubator. For investment in entrepreneurial projects, the seeds are mainly cast by oneself. The Angels and PRE-A rounds are all funded from the outside. Therefore, when the incubator's venture projects enter the market, financing will take a long time," Liu Jiyang, general manager of the massive big data incubator, said in an interview with reporters. As the leading platform for China's new economic acceleration, the fund has exceeded 10 billion yuan for parent funds and direct investment funds. There are a total of 20,000 entrepreneurs, of which 2,000 have been listed on the new board, providing in-depth industrial resources and market expansion resources for incubation and linkage – highly complementary to the resources of massive data. During the event, Massive Big Data and Shengjing jointly launched an angel investment fund of 1 billion RMB, which will effectively help entrepreneurs solve financing problems and take market opportunities.

In Liu Jiyang's view, the joint venture model of massive big data and Shengjing has a profound impact on the ecology of the Internet, data, talent resource, financial investment circle and brand resources. These resources will help to promote entrepreneurial superiority, especially Beijing-Tianjin resource sharing, which can effectively reduce the cost of the enterprise in the initial stage of the venture and achieve a leap from 0 to 1.

Building a Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Entrepreneurship Sharing Ecosphere

"Unlike previous accelerating platforms, this platform broke the concept of geospatial space and built an entrepreneurial shared ecosystem." Liu Jiyang told the reporter that Massive Data Grand Scenery AI Big Data Severe Incubation and Acceleration Platform have concentrated outstanding resources. On the same platform, the sharing characteristics of this platform are very obvious. The massive big data and enterprises in Shengjing can share technology platforms, physical platforms, and investment platforms. Therefore, resources will flow to each other, and rely on the advantages and characteristics of the industries in the region to form an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Taking the example of an AI company that has been nurtured by the platform as an example, Beijing’s artificial intelligence resources can use the platform to land in Tianjin and Binhai New Area. The reporter learned that at present Tianjin and Binhai New Area are actively constructing the ecosystem for artificial intelligence industry. “We also hope to accelerate the industrial resources on the platform to Tianjin and to Binhai New Area.” Liu Jiyang told reporters that with Tianjin’s current industrial policy, they would recommend suitable artificial intelligence projects to land in Tianjin and land in Binhai New Area to help promote the expansion of regional industrial scale and realize the linkage between Beijing and Tianjin. “A lot of entrepreneurs in Beijing actually have insufficient knowledge of the resources and policies of Binhai New Area. We also expect the landing of the platform to build a bridge between Binhai New Area and Beijing and realize the complementary development of the industry.”

During the event, senior analysts of the venture capital industry analyzed that a Beijing-Tianjin joint venture is providing full-service trends and models for the makers. “Incubation and investment projects in Beijing have a demand for expansion across the country, while Beijing’s projects have the need for cooperation and offline deduction, so regions with high-quality talent pools and relatively low start-up costs relative to Beijing are extremely great attraction. The greatest source of this attraction is undoubtedly Tianjin and Binhai New Area."

With the help of the platform, enterprises in Beijing can move toward Binhai New Area, and companies there can also seek greater development. “Haizhi’s current business has expanded to three provinces and two cities across the country, but our goal is to win half of the national market. Tianjin has certain limitations in terms of talents and markets.” Yu Wenju, general manager of Haizhi (Tianjin) Big Data Service Co., Ltd., told reporters that with the help of the acceleration platform, he hoped to use the shared development dividend to match partners, capital, and future customer resources in Beijing, and quickly develop the market customers and promotion capabilities that have been accumulated so far. Therefore, products from Binhai New Area can be sold to Beijing and then to the country, seeking greater development.

According to Liu Jiyang, the joint venture model will be the direction of the future development of service organizations. “We hope to establish a foothold in Binhai New Area, starting from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, using the means of big data, local industrial resources, incubating different industrial platforms according to different industrial conditions, and copying the accelerated platform to other places to truly create an entrepreneurial ecological circle, so that the makers of this ecosystem can share all resources and accelerate the development of the industry." Liu Jiyang said that according to plan, the platform will accelerate 300 big data application innovation companies within five years, use big data and AI technology to upgrade and change 300 application areas by in-depth connection and empowerment, create hundreds of billions of corporate value, and bring together 50,000 big data and AI engineers.

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