Create a National Model City for Safe Development and Strive for Intrinsic Safety

2018-06-12 17:12

Recently, the District Party Committee in Binhai New Area held a standing committee (enlargement) meeting to convey the Opinions on Promoting Urban Security Development of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council. Zhang Yuzhuo, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and party secretary of Binhai New Area, presided and delivered a speech. Deputy Party Secretary and District Governor Yang Maorong, Director of District People’s Congress Standing Committee Xu Hongxing and Deputy Secretary of District Committee Zheng Huiying attended the meeting. The vice chairman of the district CPPCC Shan Yuhou conveyed.

The meeting pointed out that the Opinions on Promoting Urban Security Development issued by the China Affairs Office and the State Council focused on preventing the occurrence of serious production safety accidents. In response to the key aspects of urban safety, it proposed to strengthen source control, improve prevention and control mechanisms, and enhance supervision measures, enhancement of support capabilities, and promotion of overall planning and other initiatives have provided direction and guidance for the development of urban security in the country. Binhai New Area, as one of the pilots of the National Model City for Safe Development, has a glorious mission and a heavy responsibility. It must demonstrate the implementation of projects, demonstrate new achievements in urban security work, create new achievements, and strive to achieve intrinsic safety.

The meeting stressed that it is necessary to guide the creation activities according to national standards. The District Security Committee must carefully review requirements of the Opinions on Promoting Urban Security Development, adjust and improve the plans for the establishment of a safe development model city, implementation plan, and task division plan, and implement it in a satisfactory manner.

The meeting emphasized that we must resolutely implement the responsibility for safe production on the ground. We must establish the awareness of One Duty, Two Responsibilities, and the SameResponsibility of the Party and the Government, and establish a sound responsibility system, and consolidate local responsibility, supervision responsibility, and main responsibilities. Those units and personnel whose work is not in place and whose duties are not standardized shall be accountable for all their accountability, so that they can strictly control and severely punish them without any tolerance.

The meeting stressed that it is necessary to profoundly sum up the work to promote the creation activities. We will actively promote the creation of pilot projects for the Two Districts and Three Streets of the Bonded Zone, High-tech Industrial Park, Xinhe Town, and Chadian Town, and we will promptly start looking back at them. We will carefully look at the gaps in the issues, analyze the causes, formulate measures, pay close attention to implementation and promote the job in next step.

The meeting stressed that we must combine creation work to boost the activities. The current work has been included in the work ofcreation of a civilized city in the district. In addition to the pilot units’ initiative to fulfill their responsibilities, the non-pilot units must also abandon the Self-independence theory and regard it as an important part of the unified deployment of the entire region. Tasks, without delay and dependence, must be positively implemented while promoting the creation of a model city for the safe development of the district and the industry.

The meeting stressed that it is necessary to strengthen supervision, assessment, and promote the creation of activities. The District Security Office shall, together with the supervision department of Binhai New Area, set up conditions for each responsible unit, carry out supervision and inspections in due course, identify the responsible persons and rectify within a time limit for the problems found; the main leaders of the responsible units must personally lead the team to supervise the implementation of the task, the timely detection and resolution of existing difficulties and problems to ensure the completion of various tasks on time.

District leaders Cao Jinqiu, Sun Jianhua, Zhao Jincun and Li Cailiang attended the meeting.

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