Beihai Road Tunnel to plan for Bus + Overpass

2018-06-12 17:16

After the opening of the Beihai Road Tunnel, it became an important channel connecting the Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA) with the Xingang area, greatly facilitating the travel of the citizens. However, the tunnel can only pass motor vehicles. After it was opened, many non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians passed. There are serious security risks. Why is the tunnel designed only for motor vehicles? How should pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles be managed and groomed? Recently, thereporter visited the traffic control, public transportation and planning departments, trying to find the answers.

Witnesses: Non-motorized pedestrians pass frequently.

Recently, reporters discovered that when passing through the Beihai Road Tunnel, electric vehicles and bicycles in the tunnel continued to pass through, and even pedestrians were passing through. There was a great potential safety hazard. Many citizens also stated that they often encounter non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians crossing the tunnel. According to some members of the public, there are three lanes in the two directions of the tunnel. After the vehicle enters the tunnel, it is found that there are non-motorized vehicles or pedestrians occupying the road and can only change lanes. If there are cars on the side that cannot be changed, they can only follow non-motorized vehicles or pedestrians. When the reporter was driving in the tunnel, it was found that the lanes inside the tunnel were not allowed to change lanes. What should be done if the non-motorized vehicles or pedestrians were used to evade the solid line to change lanes? There are no public transportation lines on the Beihai Road tunnel. Can we increase the number of bus lines to facilitate the travel of people without cars?

Traffic Control Department: Intensify efforts in tunnels.

Subsequently, the reporter reported this issue to the traffic police Tanggu Detachment Xingang Brigade. The on-duty traffic police stated that in order to eliminate the traffic of non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians, the trafficcontrol department sets up duty posts at the crossroads, and every day the traffic police on duty patrols, and increases penalties for violations of motor vehicles and the management of non-motorized vehicles and illegal acts of pedestrians. However, at present, traffic policemen and non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians crossing tunnels are mainly based on education, and penalties are supplemented. The traffic police will also send more police officers to patrol the duty station and organize non-motor vehicles and pedestrians to leave the tunnel. The traffic police also stated that they hope that the citizens do not want to easily cross the tunnel at the moment and should reachTEDA through the pedestrian bridge over the Dalian East Avenue.

Public Transportation Department: Planning more than one bus line.

In order to facilitate citizens without cars, can we add bus lines to the Beihai Road Tunnel? The reporter contacted Binhai Bus Group on this issue. The staff member told the reporter that the Beihai Road Tunnel is an important tunnel linking TEDA with the Xingang area. The passage of bus lines will indeed bring greater convenience to the public. The public transportation department is also actively studying bus route optimization plans with the construction and planning department. At present, it is actively discussing and trying to maximize the advantages of bus routes and provide greater convenience to the surrounding residents. The staff said that it is believed that the research plan will be completed soon and that more than one route may be adopted.

Planning Department: Build bridges to facilitate pedestrians

In response to the inconvenience of pedestrians not being able to use tunnels, the reporter also interviewed Kong Jiwei, chief planner of thePlanning Bureau of Binhai New Area and director of the Municipal Planning Office. “The construction of the Beihai Road tunnel was not synchronized with the construction of non-motorized lanes and pedestrian lanes on both sides of the tunnel because of the space and technology constraints.” Kong Jiwei said that in order to meet the needs of non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians on foot, the pedestrian overpass is over the tunnel. Construction has been included in the plan. This pedestrian bridge project is planned to be built from Jintang No. 4 Road to Dalian East Avenue. The construction will be started in due course according to actual needs in order to meet the travel needs of pedestrians.

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