Binhai New Area accelerates construction of shelters for the old

2018-06-14 18:08

Recently, Zhongfu-MCS Cognition Center, invested and operated by Zhongfu and MCS, has settled in the China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city. The Center will be officially put into use in September this year to carry out integrated medical care services that include screening, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of cognitive disorders. By then, BinhaiNew Area will add another comfortable shelter to enjoy quality retirement care services.

The reporter learned from the District Civil Affairs Bureau that at present, the elderly population over the age of 60 in Binhai New Area has reached 282,000, accounting for 21.2% of the total population. In response to the aging population trend, Binhai New Area has continuously improved the construction of social security and assistance systems, strengthened the support for the construction of elderly care, and explored the work of smart elderly services and the reform of state-run elderly care institutions to fully promote the cause of aging and support for the elderly. The high-quality development of the industry can be realized and all the elderly can access to care and shelter.

Improving social security and relief system: Relief coverage is further expanded.

Since the beginning of this year, Binhai New Area has implemented opinions on further improving the social security and assistance system, expanded the coverage of aid, and improved the social security and assistance system in Binhai New Area. Based on the implementation of the combined views, Binhai New Area will carry out the rural residential pension service (nursing) subsidy work based on the current municipal subsidy of rural residential care (nursing) subsidies. From April of this year, we will raise the ]standard for health care on the basis of the current payment of health care for senior citizens in Binhai New Area.

Binhai New Area has also adopted the Internet + Elderly Caremodel, which is promoting the government to purchase smart elderly care services and building the Binhai New Area Home Care Information Center, so that more intelligent elderly care enterprises can use the day care service center as a platform to enter the community and provide more standardized management. More professional pension services enrich various online and offline services.

Strengthening the construction of elderly care institutions:4,800 beds

In order to alleviate the strained situation of nursing homes,Binhai New Area has been implementing the relevant policy requirements of comprehensively liberalizing the market for elderly care services and improving the quality of care services for the elderly, and has strengthened the construction of elderly care institutions. Two new elderly care institutions were established this year while Binhai New Area Jianyang Nursing Home and Pilot Free Trade Zone Binhai Star Nursing Home are under construction.

In addition, we promoted the construction of new daytime care service centers in the district, and identified three projects for the Huayuan Community in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone, the Seven Neighborhoods Community in Dagang Street and the Day Care Service Center in Haitongyuan Community in the Gulin Street. Up to now, there are 4,800 beds in the district's aged care facilities and elderly day care service centers.

At the same time, Binhai New Area will promote the public-private reform of public elderly care institutions. The first and second old people's nursing homes in Binhai New Area invested by the government are operated by enterprises. The first elderly nursing home in Binhai New Area opened its operations in March 2017. Facilities, services, management, and medical care have won recognition and praise from the elderly. The Second Elderly Nursing Home has the opening conditions and is preparing for the preparatory work. As a state-run elderly care organization, Hangu Social Welfare Institute is studying social reforms to analyze the cost of service operations.

While upgrading the facilities of elderly care institutions,Binhai New Area encourages and supports pension institutions and medical and healthcare institutions to carry out various forms of service cooperation. At present, among the 21 elderly care institutions in the district, 3 institutions have medical institutions, and 15 institutions have signed contracts with medical and healthcare institutions. 86% of the services are provided by theelderly care institutions that have contracts with medical institutions.

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