Tanggu Maritime Hi-tech Zone Releases a Three-year Action Plan for Technological Innovation

2018-06-14 18:10

A few days ago, the Tanggu Maritime Hi-tech Zone (TangguMaritime Science and Technology Park of the Binhai High-techIndustrial Zone) held its scientific and technological innovation work conference 2018 and officially released theThree-year Action Plan for Science and Technology Innovation in Tanggu Maritime High-tech Zone 2018-2020, and signed contracts with a number of intellectual property serviceagencies. The issuance of the Three-year Action Plan aimed at promoting the three major changes in the quality, efficiency, and motivation of regional economic development and accelerating the construction of the core area of the Tianjin National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone.

Tanggu Maritime Hi-tech Zone continued to implement the important concept of “innovation is the primary driving force for development” and formulated the Three-year Action Plan for Science and Technology Innovation in Tanggu MaritimeHigh-tech Zone 2018-2020 in light of the current situation of the development of science and technology innovation in Tanggu Maritime Hi-tech Zone. The 822 Program was promoted, which focused on deploying 8 actions and 22 key tasks. Efforts will be made to build a 3+X leading industry layout, focus on creating a 100% Maritime and Internet industrial cluster, and promote the development of the civil-military integration industry, and build the Tanggu Maritime High-tech Zone into the first advancement zone for coordinated development in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. Self-controllable industrial leading areas, marine industrial agglomeration areas, and military-military integration demonstration areasprovide support for the construction of Tianjin's innovative cities and industrial innovation centers.

The principal person in Tanggu Maritime Hi-tech Zone stated that since the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, Tanggu Marine High-tech Zone has fully implemented the strategic deployment of the State, Tianjin Municipality and the High-tech Zone on scientific and technological innovation work, and the scientific and technological work has made considerable progress. As of the end of 2017, Tanggu MaritimeHi-tech Zone has 615 technology-based SMEs, 66 high-tech enterprises, and 23 R&D institutions above the municipal level; it has 2,335 valid patents, including 497 invention patents and 909 effective registered trademarks. The quantity and quality of property rights have been greatly improved. In 2017, Tanggu Maritime High-tech Zone completed R&D (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) investment of 690 million yuan, accounting for 4.6% of the regional GDP, and won 1 first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Significant innovations have continued to emerge.

The Maritime Hi-tech Zone will focus on the marine industry's eco-environment, accelerate the construction of a modern marine industrial system, build the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Marine Intelligence Valley, improve the marine industry innovation ecosystem, and build an open modern marine industrial system to promote the high-end marine industry. Internationalization and intensification are progressing to upgrade the level of maritime energy industry and create a 100-billion-yuan marine industry cluster. It will accelerate the construction of the five carriers say an oceanic big data centers, a maritime cloud computing center, a marine information autonomous and controllable security center, amarine information technology and product R&D exhibition and trading center, and a marine information technology talents training centers, and build an innovation chain for the integration of maritime information production, research and development. .

At the same time, it will promote the double development of the Internet industry and implement the Cultivation Plan for leading companies, and the Nesting Plan and Internet Plusactions for the carrier platform. It will cultivate a group of invisible champions with high reputation at home and abroad to form a leading advantage in the field of Internetin the Maritime Hi-tech Zone and build a complete domestically-controlled industrial chain. Taking the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development and the construction of big data corridors as the turning point, Tianjin Binhai Internet Industrial Park and the Big Data North Center will be used as carriers to speed up the construction of Internet infrastructure and vigorously gather Internet talents, data, and industrial resources in theBeijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and continue to strengthen e-commerce, Internet finance and other industrial bases toactively cultivate emerging industries such as smart hardware, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality to create a 100 billion-level cluster for the Internet industry.

In accordance with the principles of country-led, local-based construction, demand-driven, and entity-based operation, the Maritime High-tech Zone will promote the construction of a military-civilian collaborative innovation platform, focusing on the creation of services such as public resource services, discovery and incubation services, scene application services, and think tank services. The sector will promote the optimal allocation of military and civilian science and technology innovation resources, lead the construction of technological ecology, upgrade the industrial chain and enhance the value chain. It will actively promote the military-civilian fusion technology transfer and transformation demonstration center, the military rotation talents innovation and entrepreneurship service center, the military-civilian integration industrial information big data center, and the integration of high-tech think tanks for civilians, and establish a new benchmark for military and civilian integration. Efforts have been made to introducemilitary scientific R&D institutions, colleges, universities and military industry groups to set up scientific and technological cooperation institutions and achievements transformation agencies in the Maritime Hi-tech Zone tofurther unblock the channel of Military Transformation and to promote research and development of high-end military-civilian dual-use technologies to accelerate the conversion of scientific and technological achievements and promote theseamless military-civil integration from aspects of capital, technology, talents, etc.

The Maritime Hi-tech Zone will also set up an R&D and inspection platform, improve the incubation and transformation platform, and create a science and technology financial platform to provide technology inspection services, business incubation consulting services, and innovative technology financial services for companies in the region. Itwill launch trials to eliminate zeros in intellectual property rights and strive to achieve a breakthrough in intellectual property rights by more than 30% of registered companies by 2020. Focusing on industries such as oceans, the Internet, and intelligent manufacturing, it actively absorbs spillovers of high-end industries and innovation resourcesfrom Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, actively undertakesBeijing's function and industrial transfer, and builds theMaritime High-tech Zone into an antecedent zone for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industrial integration to form a variety of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industrial cooperation models. At the same time, it improves its supporting services, rationally plans the spatial layout of the park, accelerates the construction of basic and functional service facilities in the Marine High-tech Zone, and provides sufficient social security services for industrial development and talent demand while being deeply integrated into the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei.

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