The Eco-city attracted 575 companies in May, totaling 6,502

2018-06-14 18:12

The reporter recently learned from the Administrative Committee of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city that from January to May 2018, the Eco-city focused its efforts on the direction of key industries, with 575 newly registered companies, totaling 6,502 and 31 newly-added projects with investment of 11.837 billion yuan; 30 new projects cansettle within half a year, and the estimated investment amount is 20 billion yuan; 120 new projects are being discussed, and the estimated investment is 40 billion yuan.

“We will follow the industry positioning, keep a close eye on the industry leader, pay close attention to large projects, good projects, and achieve the integration of industry and regional development. Through the joint investment, market-based investment and other methods, to cooperate with BSD Group, Beihang University, Tsinghua University, China National Nuclear Corporation, and otherpartners with strong and resourceful project to actively and jointlyimport a series of high-quality high-tech projects from the capital and use the market to leverage project investment.” The relevant person in charge of the Administrative Committee of the Eco-city stated that it currently has more than 1,000 reserved investment projects, and strives to have more than 100 projects with investment of 50 million yuan or more to settle this year. In addition, the Eco-city will also explore the development of a group of high-tech industrial platforms with significant driving actions through cooperation, continue to cultivate the industrial development atmosphere, and continuously improve the integrated business environment so as to promote continuous investment growth.

The reporter learned that, in addition to strengthening the ability to attract investment, the Eco-city has also made every effort to promote the construction of the project since the beginning of this year, and has taken various measures to promote solid investment and grab schedule as the key work in 2018. In the first five months of this year, from the perspective of the project structure, there were 141 projects for the continued construction of the Eco-city and 109 projects for new construction, and the number has grown rapidly. From the perspective of promoting the construction of key projects, in accordance with the requirements of the campaign of 10,000 Carders Serving 10,000 Enterprises, the Eco-city has been included in the Three-Level Leadership Contingency Plan of Binhai New Area, with a total investment of 8.79 billion yuan.

According to reports, in the next step, the Eco-city will seize the gold construction period, and carry out special supervision on 93 key projects identified at the beginning of the year. In accordance with the full-year solid investment mission objectives and construction nodes, we will do our best to accelerate construction projects. At the same time, we will continue to speed up advance preparations for land transfer, ensure land supply progress, serve key investment projects, and form landing carriers.

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