Sharing concept builds entrepreneurial friends circle

2018-06-15 14:09

Recently, the massive incubator of massive data brought a series of exiting good news. TheGrand View Data Massive Incubation and Acceleration Platform jointly initiated by Shengjing.com was officially established in Beijing last week, followed by an agreement withAnxi KTech Technology Incubator in Xiongan New Area. With the intention of cooperation, the pace of industrial incubation for Xiongan New Area has been opened.

Over a year since its establishment in Binhai New Area, the massive incubator for big data has taken root in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city (the Eco-city for short), and has introduced dozens of big data innovation incubation projects. The Joint Venture Incubation Association and the Administrative Committee of the Eco-city have held more than 50 events and received more than 500 entrepreneurs, handing in a satisfactory transcript.

Corporate Profile

Platform Name: Massive Big Data Incubator

Settled in: 2016

Location: Science and Technology Park, Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city

Main Products: Big Data Application Innovation & Incubation Investment Services

Innovative ideas lead makers to take off.

The Massive Big Data Incubator has emerged from the massive domestic leading enterprises of big data. In recent years, it has developed big data application products and services in various fields such as banks, enterprises, government, media, etc. around the big data platform, and has developed into the leading big data industry intelligence service provider in China.

Thanks to the Massive Big Data Incubator in Beijing for many years, it has been portrayed as an innovative descent since its birth. After landing in Binhai New Area, it also put new concepts and new ideas, as well as Beijing's industrial resources and capital. Using the advantages of Tianjin's policies, they have brought real help to entrepreneurs through joint collaboration.

Haizhi (Tianjin) Big Data Service Co., Ltd. is the first project to be hatched after the massive incubator of big data was launched in 2016. After more than a year of incubation, the company’s team has successfully launched and delivered three government affairs services say Hemingway, Haizhinet.com and The Eye of the Sea. With professional services, the company’s service capabilities have gradually increased and its service scope has gradually expanded to Hubei, Hunan, and Ningxia.

Haizhi Big Data has developed so rapidly thanks to the recommendation and help of massive incubators for big data. Liu Jiyang, president of the Massive Big Data Incubator, told reporters that Haizhi Big Data was a software outsourcing company and only did business in Tianjin, and the service system was relatively simple. After joining the massive big data incubator system, companies not only received more professional training, but also received severe incubators and relatively high-level resources, opening up their horizons. The development route has also begun to change quietly. From the past software outsourcing to the provision of big data services, the products have gradually moved from Tianjin to the country. "I have heard recently that they are going to Xinjiang Autonomous Region to develop their businesses. It seems that they have become a nationally renowned company," Liu Jiyang told reporters with a smile.

The success of Haizhi Big Data is a vivid manifestation of the idea of innovation and entrepreneurship taking root in Binhai New Area. In this atmosphere, companies in theMassive Big Data Incubator have conducted fruitful integration and attempts in tourism, public opinion, and public security. Businesses such as Haiman Data, Haina Data and Lianyun Network have grown rapidly under the cultivation of the Massive Big Data Incubator, and have become a model of perfect integration between their respective fields and big data.

Wrong path finds its home.

When talking about why he chose to land in the Eco-city, it was a coincidence that Liu Jiyang laughed. “At that time, I was together with Hao Qiaolong, chairman of the Massive Big Data Incubator, choosing the right place for the incubator to start the wrong path. After crossing the Rainbow Bridge, I was attracted by the Eco-city. The environment was attractive. After a detailed understanding of the situation here, we found that it was exactly in line with our position at the time and we settled here."

"Facts have proved that we choose the Eco-city is the right thing to do." Liu Jiyang can't stress that companies have encountered many problems during the initial period. However, from the top to the bottom of the Eco-city, whether it is leaders or employees, whether it is a major event or a trivial matter, everything has been responded, making them particularly comfortable here.

With the help of the resources in Binhai New Area, the massive incubator of big data has gained popularity in the industry with its industrial foundation and innovative ideas, attracting many entrepreneurs and organizations seeking cooperation in Beijing, Tianjin and even further regions. “More and more people are coming to us. We also found that innovation and entrepreneurship should not be confined to the physical space. There should be more possibilities.” In Liu’s opinion, using the scalability of big data, innovation and entrepreneurship may be able to achieve share development. Under this circumstance, theMassive Big Data Incubator started from Binhai New Area and gradually took the step of cooperation, deepened the cooperation with several agencies, and accelerated the service of innovation and entrepreneurship. Among them, the project of Beauty Big Data Internet and the artificial intelligence acceleration platform have successfully landed, and they have joined the Great Entrepreneurial Friends Circle.

“There are different industrial bases and platform resources in different regions. We can open up various platforms through big data advantages, and we can help entrepreneurs everywhere to find out the direction of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs in Binhai New Areacan also use the platform resources to develop around. This may be the future of entrepreneurship. This might be the direction of development,” Liu Jiyang said. In the future, the Massive Big Data Incubator hopes to establish a foothold in Binhai New Area, start from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, use the means of big data, copy the accelerated platform to various places, and truly form an entrepreneurial ecosystem, and enable creators in the ecosystem to share all resources and to promote the development of regional industries.

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