Enterprises in Binhai New Area Display Skills under Belt and Road Initiative

2018-06-20 16:24

The reporter learned from the Municipal Science and Technology Commission on June 18 that since China launched the Belt and Road Technological InnovationAction Plan in 2017, Tianjin has continuously expanded its cooperation circleof innovative cooperation and promoted joint establishment of the Belt and RoadTechnological Innovation Cooperation Alliance with more than 20 institutions in 14 countries. Binhai New Area, as the frontier of Tianjin's development and opening up, has made frequent appearances in promoting the scientific and technological innovation cooperation to go global.

Accelerating technology to go global and driving standard output of productand service

Focusing on the Silk Road Economic Belt, Tianlong Seed Industry Technology Co., Ltd., an enterprise in Binhai New Area, is the only state-level high-tech enterprise in Tianjin with the Ministry of Agriculture's conventional rice and hybrid rice breeding and import and export licensing qualifications. Indonesia built the Asian Agricultural Technology Center and packaged breeds, technology,standards and talents to go global.

"Tianlong uses technology cooperation along the Belt and Road Initiative, which not only achieved the 'going global' of the company's own product andtechnology, but also promoted the humanities exchange through technology promotion. The radiation led to the healthy development of the local hybrid rice industry, creating a new model to win common understanding and cooperation,” a responsible person of Tianlong Seed said. On the one hand, the company will have mature hybrid rice combinations for trial planting and industrial promotion in Indonesia; on the other hand, it will select, breed, promote and commercialize new varieties in Indonesia. It has managed and bred10 new high-yield, high-quality, multi-resistance and wide-adapted hybrid rice varieties suitable for planting in Indonesia, which increased production by 32% to 50% compared to local control varieties, increased the production of seed production by more than 41% from the local level, promoted the demonstration of new varieties in 1.05 million mu, set up two sets of combined technical specifications and regulations, and trained 883 Indonesian local farmers,hitting a total of more than 1,000 people.

In order to implement the Belt and Road Initiative for the construction of a maritime cooperation and to create a Blue Engine for the sustainable development of the sea, the Tianjin Maritime Engineering Survey and Design Institute in Binhai New Area and the Indonesian company PT. ADIL MAKMUR SENTOSA have established a Coastal Hydrology Survey in Indonesia. The hydrodynamic simulation technology promotion center, through short-term technical training, long-term study in China, dispatched Chinese technicians and foreign partners,carries out project research and solves the problem of port construction in Indonesia under complex hydrological conditions.

The reporter learned that in the past year, Tianjin’s enterprises have accelerated the output of technological achievements, which not only solved the urgent need for development of countries along B&R, but also led to the export of advantageous products, services, and standards to achieve people-to-people connectivity and win-win cooperation.

Building an open innovation platform to promote the accumulation of international innovation resources

In order to introduce world-class talents and leading technologies, OstarUnderwater Robot Technology Co., Ltd., a company in Binhai New Area, led the establishment of the Sino-Russian Joint Institute for Advanced Marine Technology in Tianjin, integrating three R&D centers in Tianjin, Harbin, and Shanghai, as well as the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the Russian Institute of Marine Engineering and Experimental Design, the St. Petersburg State University of Marine Technology and other well-known R&D institutions in Russia, aiming at marine intelligent equipment applications. It hassuccessfully developed underwater composite detection robots and cavitation jetunderwater cleaning equipment while the water unmanned ship is currentlyfinished from the assembly line and has achieved small-scale mass production. The output value has reached 25 million yuan. In addition, Ostar actively collaborates with Russian Academy of Sciences and other state-level scientific research institutions to build a Sino-Russian technology transfer channel and has established more than 100 technical databases in nine major fields likeRussian marine surveying and mapping. More than 20 Russian patents,achievements and cooperation intentions have been signed.

In the field of green pharmaceutical technology, Asymchem Medicine Group hasestablished a technical advisory committee by hiring many world-class experts, including Nobel Prize-winning scientist K. Barry Sharpless, who is the world’s leading Scripps Research Institute in biomedical research. The International Laboratory for Green Pharmaceutical Technology is committed to the development of internationally advanced green pharmaceutical technologies through further cooperation, process optimization and extension to scaling up research, and promotion of innovative drugs for use in major diseases. In 2017, the laboratory passed the accreditation of a municipal-level international cooperation base. It has published more than ten papers in international academic journals such as Nature and achieved phased and breakthrough results in multiple R&D directions and international leading patent technology.

It is claimed that with the support of the relevant departments, enterprises inBinhai New Area have actively established cooperation and innovation platforms such as joint research centers and joint laboratories with top international organizations, and have promoted the integration of international innovation resources into Tianjin and Binhai New Area.

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