Tourist boom in Binhai New Area during the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday

2018-06-20 16:33

Experience fun games at Fantawild, play a parent-child game with the aircraft carrier, and learn to create a cloth Tiger at the Binhai Cultural Center. This year's Dragon Boat Festival coincides with Father's Day, and more than ten Dragon Boat Festivals Custom activities, parent-child activities, etc., are introduced in major tourist attractions in Binhai New Area. With a strong festive atmosphere, exciting new events and new projects have attracted a large number of tourists from Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei to come here for leisure and relaxation.

According to statistics from the District Commercial Commission, the Dragon Boat Festival included 7 key scenic spots (points) for data monitoring inBinhai New Area. In 3 days, it received 176,000 tourists and realized comprehensive tourism income of 20 million yuan.

Abundant knowledge of cultural elements

The Binhai Cultural Center offered people's humming and singing performances and sentimental performances for the Dragon Boat Festival for citizens and tourists. People feel the unique charm and inexhaustible vitality of traditional Chinese culture among martial arts performances, tea performances, Chinese Han Costume catwalks and poetry. In the Gulangshui Town Wave Art Festival, Mr. Ma Weidu, a painter and internationally renowned cultural collection artist who created various domestic famous sculpture arts and art exhibits, shared opinions on sculpture arts on the spot, allowing visitors to learn knowledge. The 1-yuan Dragon Boat Cloth production campaignin the Binhai Museum of Art attracted a large number of parents and children to participate in it and to personally sew a cloth tiger to ward off evil and evasion for themselves and their families. The Cultural Center also specially promoted 30-yuan activity to see classic operas and invited performers like Zhang Dianyuan, a national first-level performer, to bring people a drama feast.

The Dagukou Fortress Site Museum held the Dragon Boat Festival themed event. Professional lecturers and excellent volunteers led the audience to understand the history of the vicissitudes of life; the Tianjin Dagang Olympic Museum was opened to the public for free, and the temporary exhibition China Winter Olympics was added. At the same time, visitors visited the Olympic Exhibition while participating in the Olympic Fun Games.

Passion and Summer Elements

It was a hot summer for leisure. The Tianjin Happy Water Cube officially opened on June 16. The children's happy hour zone, thrill ride zone, passionate surfing area, beach leisure area, amusement pool area, and 20 amusement parksthere attracted tourists and citizens to enjoy the passion in the water. Tourists enjoy the thrill and excitement in the wonderful summer.

The scenic spot of Dongjiangwan Beach is on the sea mode, visitors step on the sand, get sunbathing, and experience various maritime leisure sports; and the China Tianjin Third Sports Tourism Conference 2018 was held, to add more events and activities for the three-day holiday such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Sailing Contest, Tianjin International Jet Ski Contest, Harley-Davidson's 115th Anniversary Celebrations Heavy Carriage Ride Carnival, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Mountain Bike Challenge, Beach Volleyball National Fitness China, andShaolin Temple Martial Arts Exhibition so that visitors can not only enjoyvarious professional and high-level competitions, but also gain an alternative sports experience.

Theme elements with joy

During the Dragon Boat Festival, Tianjin Fantawild Amusement Park creates a 324-square-meter map of China for tourists. A loving hug for dad and children can be exchanged for a heart-shaped lamp or sachet representing the father's love. The maps filled with various sachets are lit up at night and show off with the light show of the Fanta Castle. Tourists are excited and feel the affection of father and son; the thrills of Magic Castle, the colorful &oriental charm, flying over the limits of the valley 27 major theme projects as well as romantic and luxurious night games also bring visitors a different style of novelty experience. According to statistics, during the holiday season, Fantawild received a total of 51,420 visitors.

In TEDA’s Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, the Father and Son Happy Drift fun activity attracted a large number of tourists to experience the charm of theAncient Football; the theme activities such as exquisite Aihu Tiger’s gift, face theme painting, etc., provided visitors with a rich experience during the Dragon Boat Festival; the Russian singers and dancers who used to wear costumeswore cool sports breeches and skirts to present visitors with a passionate World Cup song and dance performance; aircraft carriers, destroyers, submarines and three steel giants became the most popular stars for the festival.

Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World launched a new upgraded version of the three major performances during the vacation period: the mermaid princess in the underwater tunnel staged a fantasy fairy tale in the Dragon Palace; the new escalation of the white whale, the colorful wonders of the magnificent lamppost, and the new upgraded Ocean Circus brand, the Dolphin Guards Sail tothe Dragon Boat with joy and set sail, have brought exquisite and lively performances to tourists.

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