Beautiful Haihe River in Binhai New Area attracted 90,000 guests from Beijing in the first half of this year

2018-06-27 18:38

Due to the closure and reconstruction of the Haihe Bund, the Haihe River cruiser in Binhai New Area will move near the Polar Ocean World this year, causing a large loss of visitors. Yesterday, the reporter visited the cruise terminal of Binhai New Area but found that although the number of individual passengers has decreased, the domestic group tourists have come one after another. Among them, nearly 90% is residents from Beijing or visitors who transit in Beijing - the all-roun coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei transport and tourism, and the Haihe River Cruise with the Sea, Water, and Sights of the Coastal City as the selling point, is attracting many tourists and travel agencies. Since this year alone, about 90,000 Beijing tourists have boarded the Haihe River Cruise and have seen a new appearance of Binhai New Area.

Tourists: The boat moves in the river like in a picture.

"Come on, everyone, please follow up!" Yesterday at 15:20, at the Haihe River Cruise Terminal in Binhai New Area, Chen Jie, a tourist guide from Tianjin Yuanzhou Travel Agency, was guiding a team of tourists at the ticket gate, and people get flocked to board a medium-sized sightseeing cruise ship on the berth more than ten meters away.

Chen Jie told reporters that 31 tourists from Beijing, Guangdong, Liaoning and other places, all used the network in a Beijing travel agency to register and participate in Beijing-Tianjin day tour. In the morning, tourists visited the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in Beijing. In the afternoon, they just walked through Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, Nanshi City, and Zhou Enlai- Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall, and drove to Binhai New Area on a nonstop bus ride. For such a tour group, Chen Jie must reach at least one to Binhai New Area each day.

“Toot”, accompanied by pleasing motor sounds, the cruise ship sailed in the wind and the 64-year-old Guangdong tourist Dai Guohong and the two companions could not wait to board the bow and witness Yujiapu in the distance. High-rise buildings, green shades and blue waves outlined the modern city skyline. The boat traveled in the river like in the middle of the picture. What a beauty of Binhai New Area!

He hurriedly took his cell phone from his bag and asked his companions to press the shutter and freeze himself in the beautiful sight. “In the winter of 32 years ago, to run for the company, I came to Binhai New Area. The impression was that the family was burning coal stoves, and the low-rise houses were black.” Dai Guohong recalled saying Cantonese Mandarin. The immediate Binhai New Area has subverted all his imagination. "The development environment here is really good!"

“It is building a world-class CBD, and it is also one of the few low-carbon financial zones in the world...” The commentator said, and the cruise ship is already in waters in Yujiapu.

Mr. Zhang, a retired worker from a state-owned enterprise in Chaoyang District of Beijing, also visited Binhai New Area more than 30 years ago. With the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development, Beijing and Tianjin are family members, a large number of Beijing projects settled in Binhai New Area. Out of curiosity for the development of Binhai New Area, he came with his wife to take a look at the sea and kiss the water.

Tourist guide: The development of Binhai New Area has been updated many times.

Liu Xiuhua, who has served as a narrator for 10 years on the cruise ship, told reporters that the entire 15-km Haihe River Cruise Line covers more than 20 historical, cultural and urban attractions in Binhai New Area. The Tanggu South Railway Station, the Beiyang Navy Master Dockyard, the old site of the Tanggu Agreement, the Yujiapu Financial District... A small cruise ship tells modern history and projects the Chinese dream.

Because the construction of Binhai New Area is changing with each passing day, the new project has been swift, and her commentary has been updated numerous times. Especially in the past two years, Binhai New Area has paid more attention to ecological protection and environmental construction. The sky is bluer and the water is clearer. The trees are greener and the city is more beautiful. Therefore more high-quality projects have been made. Her commentary is of more significance. The Juilliard School of Music, which is constructed in Yujiapu, has already been built into a high-speed railway station and an international financial conference center. It is the bright spot she must mention every time she speaks. It also attracts many tourists’ attention and makes her explain exceptionally well. There is confidence.

As a young man who lived by the Haihe River in Binhai New Area since childhood, she was able to talk and explain the coastal city to tourists across the country. She felt sincerely proud. Nearly 40 minutes of cruises made visitors feel full and lamented that the time was too short.

Chen Jie, a tour guide who left the cruise ship and waited at the pier site, said that after sightseeing on the Haihe River Cruise, the tour group will also visit the Polar Ocean World and return to Beijing.

The reporter noticed that in the cruise terminal waiting area, another Beijing tour group is guiding tourists to embark on board. Most tourists come from Renhuai, Guizhou Province, Zunyi, and Yulin, Shaanxi. “My hometown, Renhuai, is the hometown of Moutai. This time with my fellow countrymen, besides looking at Beijing and Tianjin, I’m just taking a look at the Binhai New Area,” Zhao Shicai, a tourist over 90 years old, told reporters with excitement.

Operator: We will develop more travel products.

Wang Wenhua, deputy general manager of Haihe River cruise operator Tianjin Dagu Haihe Passenger Transport Co., Ltd., said that early this year, with the closure of the Haihe Bund Park, the cruise ship terminal was forced to relocate. Due to the inconvenience of location, 80% of cruise ships passengers were lost.

As one of Binhai New Area's images and window signs, the cruise ship is hailed as the the flowing landscape of Binhai New Area and is also a golden signboard propagating Binhai New Area. The company’s market research found that, with the increase in the popularity of the development and opening up of Binhai New Area, the Haihe River cruise tour, which focuses on seeing the development, opening up of Binhai New Area, water, and urban sightseeing, is favored by tourists from other regions.

In fact, the continuous deepening of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, and the cooperation between the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei airport and other transportation links and tourism have brought about positive results for the coordinated development of tourism cooperation between the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and Binhai New Area. If many mainland travel agents charter flights to Beijing and consider the cost, they will choose Tianjin Airport to land and bring opportunities for tourism in Tianjin.

Since the beginning of this year, the Haihe River Cruise has used tourism exhibitions and large-scale commercial exhibitions to further increase the promotion and cooperation with Beijing-Tianjin travel agencies. It also launched more favorable and accurate marketing strategies to attract travel agencies to cooperate.

Up to now, more than 20 travel agencies and Haihe River cruisers join hands to transport large numbers of Beijing tourists. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of May, cruise ships received a total of about 100,000 tourists this year, of which about ninety percent are domestic tourists transiting from Beijing. The group has grown by nearly 30% year-on-year.

Wang Wenhua said that in the face of increasing passenger traffic in Beijing, cruise ships will develop more tourist products, further improve the quality of tourism and meet the high-end needs of tourists. The large-scale commercial sightseeing boat Globalgo with investment of more than 9 million yuan, undertakes business visits and sightseeing for foreign businessmen, transforms the cruise ship into an image ambassador for attracting investment, and successfully showed itself during this year's Green Company annual meeting. The potential of tourist attraction is also being planned in the design of tourist routes linking attractions such as Yujiapu Globalgo and Global Auto Culture Park Classic Car Museum and so on.

In the face of rolling tourists from other regions, in the future, cruise ships will also strengthen cooperation with other scenic spots in Binhai New Area, as well as commercial and residential service facilities, to retain more nonlocal tourists, so that they can have more fun in Binhai New Area.

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