Source control to crack the bottleneck of rural environmental protection

2018-06-27 19:23

During the summer harvest period this year, Xiaowangzhuang Town made full efforts to comprehensively utilize and ban the burning of wheat stalks, eliminated the burning of straw and wheat stubble from the source, solved the bottleneck problem of rural environmental protection, and promoted green rural construction.

Strengthening organization leadership and establishing a sound working mechanism

Before the summer harvest season, Xiaowangzhuang Town held a mobilization meeting for straw bans and comprehensive utilization. The mobilization and comprehensive utilization of stalks was completely mobilized and carefully arranged. The implementation plan for comprehensive utilization of straw from Xiaowangzhuang Town was formulated and distributed to each village. The leading group for straw ban burning and comprehensive utilization led by the Town’s main leaders, the agricultural office, the agricultural service center, and the comprehensive law enforcement brigade and other related departments were established, and the various departments and villages were identified as the main body responsible for ban burning. The work goals and tasks have been decomposed into various villages with clear specific responsible persons.

Increasing publicity efforts to inform households

In order to further expand the awareness of the comprehensive use of straw and the prohibition of burning, Xiaowangzhuang Town organizers and staff members went to the traffic arteries and markets to carry out comprehensive utilization of straw and publicity work. By means of hanging banners, signing up billboards and other forms of publicity, the publicity campaign will be actively carried out to give full play to the role of publicity and guidance, and vigorously promote the importance of relevant laws and regulations and prohibition of burning. They also hire professionals to face the policy of facing farmers and enhance the concept of the legal system of farmers. With awareness of environmental protection, the ban on burning is well known to everyone, mobilizing the enthusiasm of the majority of peasants to participate in the comprehensive utilization of stalks and the prohibition of burning, striving to create a strong atmosphere for ban on burning of straw, and controlling the burning of straw from the source.

Establishing an emergency team to ensure the safety of summer harvest

In order to ensure a stable security situation during the summer harvest, Xiaowangzhuang Town set up an emergency rescue team to continue patrolling during the day and wait at any time during the night to ensure the goal of 24 hours zero fire of the ban on burning of straw in the Town. At the same time, the Dagang Agricultural Machinery Supervision Station carried out annual inspections of agricultural vehicles in advance to ensure that the vehicles were not sickened and safety training was provided for drivers.

“Among 20 villages in the Town, 13 villages have been included in the model town, and the villages included in the model town plan can integrate land resources and establish a land cooperative integration led by the village committee to facilitate unified management, uniform cultivation, and unified harvesting, to further promote the comprehensive utilization of straw,” relevant person in charge of Zhongtang Town said.

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