Tanggu Street organizes promotion activities for the Anti-drug Day

2018-06-28 16:51

A few days ago, Tanggu Street organized and carried out the campaign ofInternational Anti-Drug Day on June 26.

At the activity site, the staff carried out anti-drug promotion to passersby by placing anti-drug publicity display boards, demonstrating common drug simulation samples, distributing anti-drug publicity materials, and answering people's narcotics-related issues.

According to the briefing, the anti-drug publicity campaign has enhanced the awareness of the masses in drug awareness, anti-virus, and drug-resistance, increased the enthusiasm of the masses in resisting the narcotics awareness and reporting drug-related crimes, and has also deepened the general public's enthusiasm for drugs. In turn, it drives family members to cherish life, stay away from drugs, participate in drug control, and contribute to building a harmonious society.

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