Binhai New Area incubates more industrial stars

2018-06-29 18:51

Walking into the exhibition hall on the first floor of the base of the TusStar (Tianjin) Base, a smart motorcycle designed and developed in Beijing and manufactured and processed in Tianjin was placed in the most prominent position. It is claimed that this is the first smart motor bike product that Beijing Slightech Co., Ltd. walked off the production line.

TusStar, an incubator brand originating from Beijing Tsinghua Science Park, has also launched the TusStar (Tianjin·Binhai·Ocean Park) and the TusStar (Tianjin·Binhai·Eco-city) in Binhai New Area since December 2015. It also actively expands the local incubation service partners in Tianjin, introduces resources and elements of innovation and entrepreneurship from Beijing and the country, and provides entrepreneurs with a full range of services including intellectual property rights, e-commerce operations, financing and listing. Binhai New Area has created its own hatching characteristics.

Corporate Profile

Platform Name: TusStar (Tianjin) Base

Settlement time: 2015

Settled in: Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone/Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city

Main Business: Investment Services for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

TusStar helps companies realize pursuits.

"Since the official signing of the TusStar in Tianjin, the integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei resources in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship is the focus of our work." Ruan Gang, director of business planning at the TusStar Tianjin, believes that the intelligent bicycle placed in the showroom is one of the best examples.

The core R&D team of Slightech Co., Ltd. is from Tsinghua University in Beijing, and is a project of the incubation of the Beijing TusStar Base. At the beginning, the team did not understand Tianjin's characteristic industrial advantage in the field of bicycle processing and manufacturing, and rushed to Shenzhen to find a production plant.

After learning about this situation, the TusStar (Tianjin) base immediately contacted the project leader through the Beijing base, led them to visit the bicycle manufacturers in Tianjin, helped the project to cooperate and find resources, and finally made the settlement of intelligent motorcycle design in Tianjin.

In addition to the TusStar (Tianjin) Base that attracted enterprises such as TusStar Sander, TusStar Media and other TusStar companies to Tianjin, it also introduced many Beijing entrepreneurial enterprises related to Tianjin's local industries to Tianjin for industrialization," Ruan Gang said.

In 2017, Tianjin Qingfeng Hongda Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. obtained a round of financing of RMB 40 million under the matchmaking of the TusStar (Tianjin) Base, which laid the foundation for the company's next R&D and production in areas such as smart hardware and sensors.

Just this year, under the incubation and service of the TusStar (Tianjin) Base, two start-up companies - Tianjin Lemon Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Sweet Class were also included into the semi-final of Beijing Division of the Third Beijing-Taiwan Youth Innovation Contest 2018 respectively, competing in different places with strong national projects.

Double Stars shine in Binhai New Area.

It is claimed that the TusStar (Tianjin · Binhai · Ocean Park) and the Star of Enlightenment (Tianjin · Binhai · Eco-city) are located in the Tanggu Ocean Science and Technology Park in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone and the National Animation Park in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city (the Eco-city for short). The former has the advantage of incubating and investing in information industry and manufacturing-related entrepreneurial projects, while the latter is a professional incubator of cultural and creative industries. The two incubators complement each other and take Binhai New Area as the center to provide entrepreneurs from Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei with many advantages and full chain of entrepreneurial services.

Ruan Gang stated that through the operation mode of Incubation Service + Entrepreneurship Training + Angel Investment + Open Platform, the TusStar (Tianjin) Base will introduce quality resources from all over the country into Tianjin Municipality, and combine Tianjin's local industrial characteristics with its own advantages to cultivate and discover high quality projects and add wings for entrepreneurs in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

It is claimed that the TusStar (Tianjin) Base has accumulated more than 200 incubators, with a registered capital of 760 million yuan, and a total tax payment of 20 million yuan. Among them, there are 4 Talent Projects, 14 Tsinghua Alumni Ventures and 7 State High and New Technological Enterprise Certifications and more than 100 independent intellectual property rights while helping 24 companies to successfully finance, and assisting the local government in introducing more than 30 TusStar companies.

Ruan Gang said that from the beginning of its settlement, high-tech enterprises of Beijing Tsinghua Science Park were invited to visit Tianjin for observation, and then to create brand activities such as Entrepreneurship and Dream Classroom. The TusStar (Tianjin) Base relied on the Beijing TusStar to spread innovative and entrepreneurial resources throughout the country and continue to promote the development and growth of the innovation and entrepreneurship in Tianjin.

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