China's Largest Fishery Protection Ship Refit Contract Signed in Binhai New Area:Annual Production of Fish Reached 1200 Tons

2018-06-29 18:51

On June 27, China's largest contract for the cultivation of fishery protection vessels was signed in Binhai New Area. This conversion project is one of the contracts for the construction and conversion of five deep-sea fishery breeding bases signed by Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. as a joint buyer by several marine fishery and breeding companies in Hainan Province. In addition to the conversion of the 50,000-ton bulk carrier into a breeding support ship project, the contract also includes the construction of two new live fish carriers and two feed carrier ships.

It is claimed that the refitting of the fishery to ensure that the water tank for fish culture reaches 50,000 cubic meters, and the output of finished fish is 1,200 tons. At the same time, the vessel is a comprehensive fishery vessel that integrates functions such as staff accommodation, monitoring of fisheries at sea fisheries, and protection of valuable fish. After the ship is put into use, it will be mainly used for the protection of deep-sea fishery comprehensive breeding in the sea areas near Hainan and Sanya in China, and will take care of the breeding of high-value fish such as goldfish and grouper. After the completion of the conversion of the ship, the navigation function will be retained. After being positioned using the mooring system, it can withstand the adverse sea conditions below level 12 (including) and the operation depth is 60 meters.

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