The 3rd BINGO Experience Season to kick off

2018-06-29 18:54

The reporter learned from the District Commercial Commission of Binhai New Area on June 27 that in order to effectively enhance the commercial consumption environment in Binhai New Area, the overall influence of Binhai New Area will be increased, and more tourists will be invited. The Third Bingo (Binhai Shopping) Experience Season, sponsored by the District Government of Binhai New Area from June 30 to August 31 and co-hosted by the Business Commission of the Party Committee and District Sports Bureau, will kick off in Binhai New Area.

The BINGO (Binhai Shopping) Experience Season has been held for the first time in 2016 and has produced very good economic and social benefits. This event will add more cultural elements to innovation, in addition to the Tianjin Binhai Cultural Theme Consumption Season 2018, it will also promote the development of online, offline and cross-border integration of commerce, tourism, and cultural consumer markets. During the event, scenic spots, large commercial supermarkets, cultural consumer companies, some hotels and auto 4S shops in Binhai New Area will hold a series of non-profit activities, when consumers can buy more high-quality affordable products.

Five events are to be staggered.

It is claimed that the opening ceremony of the 3rd Bingo (Binhai Shopping) Experience Season 2018 Tianjin Binhai Cultural Theme Consumer Season will be held at the Binhai Cultural Center on June 30. The opening ceremony will feature professional band performances, intelligent robot performances, street dance shows and other exciting programs, and set up QR code scanning, WeChat lucky draw, red envelope rain and other interactive links. At the same time, the BINGO Carnival 2018 (Held for the first time) will also be held at the Binhai Cultural Center from June 30 to July 1 to set up interactive special events in five sections, i.e., cultural consumption, tourism themes, featured products, e-sports and cultural markets.

In addition to the main venue of the Binhai Cultural Center, in order to expand the influence of the event, this Bingo (Binhai Shopping) Experience Season will also be held at Jiefang Road Jinjie Street, Hangu Yishang Youyi Square, Dongjiawan Scenic Area and Youa Outlets. It will set up 4 branch venues, and hold theme activities from June 30 to mid-August to keep the activity popular and boost consumers’ enthusiasm.

Multi-business supports promotion of the shopping season.

According to reports, this BINGO (Binhai Shopping) Experience Season attracted dozens of large and medium-sized supermarkets such as Gold Ingot Group, China Resources Vanguard, Youa Outlets, Zhongyuan Department Stores, Lufthansa European Trade Center, and Globalgo Shopping Mall, as well as Tianjin Binhai Culture and Consumer Enterprises Alliance, TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, Fantawild World, Haide Runzi Hotel and hundreds of other cultural consumption, tourist attractions, hotel catering companies to actively participated in. It has also arranged a number of promotions and discount activities such as discounts, travel shopping, import goods promotion etc. while some more merchants launched summer goods discount promotions from 50% (for details, log on official account of Binhai Business Travel).

More than 60 days of discount shopping season is inseparable from the support of multiple formats. “This BINGO (Binhai Shopping) Experience Season can be described as a large-scale, brand-wide promotion and commercial discount campaign. It can be called a global consumer, encompassing many business sectors such as commercial department stores, tourist attractions, and cultural consumption, including interaction, resource sharing and integration development of backbone business enterprises and tourist attractions.” The person in charge of the District Commercial Commission stated that this form of Government Setup, Industry-wide Linkage, and Citywide CALL has been promoted through government guidance, business participation, and media linkages. It is conducting various forms of multi-layered concessions and quizzes for consumers to stimulate consumption and domestic demand, and increase the visibility of Binhai New Area.

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