Fine management of air pollution in Tianjin Port FTZ

2018-07-05 13:54

The reporter learned from the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone that it continued to promote the campaign of Four Clean and One Green and comprehensivelyimplemented policies to carry out refined management of air pollution.

The Tianjin Port FTZ established a regional air quality monitoring anomaly data disposal mechanism, built 65 air quality monitoring micro-sites, realized monitoring data for 24 hours, and monitored the air change trend in real time. In 2017, the regional air quality composite index decreased by 21.8% compared with that of 2013; PM2.5 decreased by 33.7% compared with that of 2013, and completed the first phase of the national atmospheric ten assessment targets and the target of the autumn and winter atmospheric guardian campaign.

Strict standards are used to control the water quality, promote the five sewage treatment plants to carry out the standard transformation and ensure that all drainages this year meet Tianjin's new emission standards. The river length system, the river dredging and water environment control projects were implemented. At present, the black and odorous water bodies are completely eliminated there under the jurisdiction area. The water quality in the landscape rivers and lakes is obviously improving, and the water environment quality continues to improve.

In addition, since the launch of the National Eco-industrial Demonstration Park in 2013, it has passed the pre-acceptance of Tianjin. The ISO14001 environmental management system of the Park has been continuously improved, and the environmental awareness of enterprises and residents there has been significantly enhanced. It will conduct environmental protection training, key source evaluation, information disclosure, etc., and create 4 municipal quiet communities, 2 municipal green schools, 2 district green communities, and 3 district green schools.

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