TEDA First Starts to Establish 5G Experimental Network and Creates Intelligent Business Areas in Each Street

2018-07-06 13:01

On July 4, the reporter of Tianjin Yun News learned from TEDA Management Committee that recently the signing ceremony of Intelligent TEDA 5G Collaborative Innovation Project was held in TEDA Investment Service Center. During the ceremony, China United Network Communications Limited (China Unicom) Tianjin Branch signed the framework cooperation agreement with TEDA and TEDA Street of Binhai New Area. China Unicom will establish 5G experimental network in TEDA, which becomes the only 5G pilot area in Tianjin currently.

According to the agreement, China Unicom Tianjin Branch, TEDA, and TEDA Street of Binhai New Area will carry out 5G network experiments and regional cooperation in TEDA. They will explore collaborative innovation applications of communication technologies based on 5G, NB-IOT, etc., develop a new IOT environment, establish joint innovation experiments and display environment of 5G, and create demonstration streets of intelligent business areas and happy communities. Theses measures can promote intelligent industry development of TEDA and 5G pilot application of Institute of Network Technology of China Unicom, and provide all-around services for regional companies and communities. Proposes and informationized feasible solutions on the construction of intelligent TEDA will be provided.

The person in charge of TEDA Street said, “The area between the Second and the Third Street of Huanghai Road will be established as the demonstration street of intelligent business areas of each street with intelligent parking, intelligent trash cans, intelligent manhole covers, intelligent lamp posts, intelligent community management, etc.The 5G experimental network not only solves people’s parking issue but also plays an important role in city management, energy saving, community service promotion.The happy communities are taken as the demonstrative project for the public of Binhai New Area, Tianjin, and even the whole nation.”

Besides, China Unicom Tianjin Branch will regularly exchange ideas with intelligent companies in TEDA, aiming to provide them with convenience and technical support to develop new technologies of 5G. The regional companies can use these technologies in advance to conduct product development, application mining, etc. TEDA will adopt 5G and NB-IOT network in Intelligent Unmanned Equipment Park, Tianhe Technology Park, and other areas and guarantee the sound coverage of the network in pilot areas.

Wang Xin, general manager of China Unicom Tianjin Branch, said, “We focus on the regional environment and communication technology facilities of TEDA when we choose the pilot areas. The signing of Intelligent TEDA 5G Collaborative Innovation Project will guarantee the prior arrangement of the 5G establishment and application in TEDA through the integration of all resources.”

The person in charge of TEDA Management Committee said, “The establishment of 5G experimental network will promote the communication infrastructure of TEDA, boost the development of regional intelligent industry, and build intelligent TEDA. TEDA will enhance cooperation with China Unicom and support the establishment of 5G experimental network so as to make TEDA lead the nation in the establishment and application of 5G network.”

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