Tianjin Port to create an ecological circle of sunshine logistics

2018-07-06 13:10

On July 4, the first Tianjin Port Sunshine Logistics Direct Store (franchise store) was listed in Tianjin Haijixing International Agricultural Products Logistics Park. With this as a symbol, Tianjin Port Group will rely on its predecessor services to create an ecological circle of sunshine logistics, and scientifically distribute the port business marketing network to the major import and export enterprise gathering areas of Tianjin, further expanding the coverage of sunlight price and promoting Tianjin Port to form a first-class business environment with standardized, fair, healthy and efficientcompetition.

The Sunshine Logistics Season is launched.

It is claimed that Tianjin Port Group Co., Ltd. has taken the initiative to implement the Sunshine Price list and the reduction and exemption of some service charges from the world-class seaports like Singapore, and has passed the subordinate China Tianjin Foreign Wheel Agency Co., Ltd. since June 1. The Sunshine Logistics Season was launched to further increase the cost reduction and to promote preferential policies to more foreign trade import and export enterprises.

Qu Xin, deputy general manager of China Tianjin Ocean Shipping Agency Co., Ltd., said that more than 70% of Tianjin Port's annual container throughput comes from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and Tianjin has a large share. At present, Tianjin Port has set up 10 dry ports and a number of regional marketing centers in the Beijing-Hebei region. However, due to the lag of Tianjin's local marketing network construction and the low market share of freight forwarding, the Sunlight Price is not well transmitted. In response to this situation, Tianjin Port faces the needs of enterprises and moves the market to the doorstep of the company in accordance with the standards of port direct operation, sunshine price, one-stop service, and worry-free service, and opens the port direct store to the door of the intelligent enterprises. The port construction promotes the integration of online and offline services in the port, and effectively makes the information run more, but the customers run less while striving to build the brand image of Tianjin Port, so as to comprehensively enhance the overall competitiveness of the business environmentin Tianjin.

Direct investment to join the first hand card

It is claimed that as the first batch of direct and franchised enterprises, Tianjin Haijixing Agricultural Products Logistics Co., Ltd. and Yuya International Logistics Co., Ltd. combined their own development characteristics, and launched Tianjin Port Sunshine Logistics Direct No. 1 Shop and Join No. 1 Shop as the first hand card for characteristic business philosophy.

Yu Shaoping, general manager of Tianjin Haijixing Agricultural Products Logistics Co., Ltd. told reporters that Tianjin Haijixing Project is a major construction project of Tianjin with a total investment of 15 billion yuan, covering a total area of 6,000 mu, and can accommodate more than 30,000 enterprises and merchants. After the operation, it is estimated that the annual transaction volume will be nearly 300 billion yuan. Through the construction of Sunshine Logistics Direct Store No. 1 and the accelerated transmission of Sunshine Price, Tianjin Port Group and Haijixing Group Company joined forces to build Tianjin Port's imported agricultural product logistics products, helping Tianjin Haijixing to build a regional agricultural product distribution center. The price formation center, logistics processing and distribution center and international trade exhibition center have become the new benchmark for the agricultural market in the country and the world.

It is claimed that in the next step, Tianjin Port Group will also complete the network distribution in the concentrated areas of import and export enterprises like Xiqing district. At the same time, by enriching the SunshinePrice direct sales team and expanding the scale of services, it will further improve the market development mechanism, enhance our service capabilities, and strive to make the network business volume grow rapidly, to help the construction of the northern international shipping core area and better serve Beijing. The coordinated development of Tianjin and Hebei and the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative will play a greater role.

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