The Third BINGO (Binhai Shopping) Experience Season is a hit: Cultural elements glorify Binhai New Area

2018-07-11 17:32

The Third BINGO (Binhai Shopping) Experience Season 2018 and the Binhai TourismGold Season are in full swing. Among them, many cultural elements added by innovation have become highlights.

At the Binhai Cultural Center, people watch the production of sugar paintings, buy hand-painted plastic sculptures, watch the animation in theFantawild World, see the evolution of life on earth, and use Culture EverywhereAPP to make reservation for exhibitions and performance tickets... Whiletourists from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region are buying high-quality,affordable goods and tour around Binhai New Area, they also share cultural resources and indulge themselves in culture.

Cultural elements in dining, clothing, playing and entertainment

Sun Wukong clamors for the Heavenly Palace, Nezha in the Sea... These familiar myths are used in various fun games in Fantawild World, through digital images, film and television special effects, network communication, simulation and robotics, and automatic control, which are highly favored by the public and tourists. "I just watched the Oriental Element, from the Yanhuang period to the major historical events of the seven historical periods of contemporary China, three-dimensional displays demonstrated the history of China's five thousand years, especially the immersive feeling. The focus is that children especially like it. After reading I am interested in Chinese history and culture, and I can learn knowledge while playing, which is quite good," said Mr. Xia, who came from Hebei to Binhai New Area in Hebei Province yesterday.

The BINGO Experience Season's main venue, Binhai Cultural Center, held the Art Exhibition of the 40th Anniversary of China's Reform and Opening-up, which exhibited the 100th anniversary of China's reform and opening up and 100 piecesof art related exhibits in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. At the same time,it organizes cultural and creative market activities, displays specialty crafts, etc., advocates the culture of artisans, adds a literary atmosphere to the daily life of consumers in Binhai New Area, and enhances the level of consumption. Many consumers have great interest in the skills and cultures they have when they purchase hand-drawing fabrics and hand-made wood products.

The reporter learned from the District Business Commission that Binhai New Area will also launch a variety of cultural activities and cultural products. For example, TEDA Aircraft Carrier Park will hold Russian Cultural Festival and Russian Food Festival to bring exotic culture to consumers; Binhai Chadian Grape Technology Park will hold the 11th Tianjin Binhai Chadian Grape Culture Tourism Festival to showcase wine culture and regional traditional culture; Dongjiang Bay Beach will launch a sea leisure tourism festival, allowing visitors to experience a variety of sea leisure sports and feel different sports wonders...

More and more cultural consumption choices

According to reports, this BINGO Experience Season covers a variety of formats such as commercial department stores, tourist attractions, cultural consumption, food and beverage, movie folklore, etc., as well as interaction, resource sharing and integration development of hotel catering enterprises,commercial supermarkets, cultural consumption, tourism enterprises, etc.

“This event has added more cultural elements to innovation, culture and multi-format integration, and promoted the cultivation of new cultural formats. Consumers have more choices of cultural consumption, expanding and guiding cultural consumption,” the relevant person in charge of the District Business Commission introduced. Binhai New Area will actively guide and support various cultural enterprises to develop public cultural products and services to meet the multi-level cultural consumption needs of consumers.

Under the favorable policies and industrial atmosphere, many enterprises inBinhai New Area are also actively taking the culture to explore the cultural treasures. “As one of the participating enterprises in the Binhai Gold TourismSeason and the Binhai Shopping Experience Season, the industrial park will takefull advantage of characteristics of cultural theme parks and actively participate in it. In the optimization of the original cultural theme project, it will launch the Flying over Thousands of Miles in August. The new project will use the digital 3D to reproduce the A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains to show the country's magnificent rivers and mountains, enable the culture to be alive and bring more cultural experiences to consumers," Li Xiaoming, director of marketing of Fantawild World, said.

The reporter noted that the Tianjin Binhai Cultural Consumers Association, which was just established this year, also joined the BINGO Experience Season. It is claimed that the Association is the representative of Binhai New Area, Tianjin is listed as the first pilot city to guide residents to expand cultural consumption, and has screened more than 300 cultural enterprises with cultural representativeness, brand influence, and honest and law-abiding management.Therefore, a comprehensive cultural industry alliance is formed.

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