Unique scenic spots in Binhai New Area become popular among foreign tourists

2018-07-11 17:33

With the arrival of the summer vacation, the summer tourism sector, which is dominated by students and families, has warmed up, and Binhai New Area has attracted a large number of tourists from otherregions with its unique charm. It is claimed that uniqueness has become an important reason for attracting visitors.

At noon on July 7, Mr. Luan with a family of three from Bazhou, Hebei Province, took the train from Tanggu Station and went straight to Haichang Polar Ocean World. This is the first stop of their summer tour plan.

Opening a tourist route map designed for the children in advance, the reporter found that Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World, TEDA Aircraft Theme Park, Dagukou Fort, Bestown Ancient Town ShuangleiFort, Dongjiang Port Artificial Beach, Beidagang Wetland were all included in the plan. Mr. Luan said that in addition to the modern theme parks, Binhai New Area has witnessed history, cultural and historical sites and rich and varied natural landscapes. He hopesthat his children will be able to harvest and broaden their horizons.

Ms. Gong, who came from Chengdu, has been visiting Binhai New Area for a week. As a carrier enthusiast, her trip came to the night scene of the TEDA Aircraft Theme Park. “I went to the MingsikeAircraft Carrier in Shenzhen a few years ago, but the theme park is gone. Now the TEDA Aircraft Theme Park is already the only aircraft carrier theme park in operation in China.”

Similarly, Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World is the only polar pavilion in North China. Tianjin Fantawild World is the only fourth-generation high-tech theme park in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. This uniqueness has become an important reason for the scenic spots to attract tourists from other regions.

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