The Kiev Aircraft Carrier Night Scene debuted: Unique experience noticed by the public

2018-07-11 17:35

On July 7, the TEDA Aircraft Carrier Night was officially opened. Under the night, the Kiev Aircraft Carrier was debuted, showing the iron and blood tenderness – it was the most eye-catching. At the scene, many tourists became photographers with long camera lens, and they left behind the rare night scenes of the Kiev Aircraft Carrier. The blue corrugated light renders the Carrier's hull into the color of the ocean. The lights on the island are beautifully bloomed. TheKiev Aircraft Carrier under the night stands is like a mysterious and huge sea castle. The unique experience of the night tour carrier has made many tourists excited.

“I have been to the aircraft carrier several times before. Today, I mainly came to see the night scene of the aircraft carrier. It is very shocking and beautiful. I feel the mystery of the aircraft carrier at night,” said a tourist from Tianjin happily.

Another highlight of the Aircraft Carrier Night Scene is the park's Hollywood Reality Trump performance Speed Stunt night show performance. Combined with the characteristics of the night scene andthe beautiful lighting effects, it presents a speed and passion for the upgraded version of the night for visitors. In the cool lights, the drivers ignite the audience with burning passion and thrilling stunts. At the scene of the flying car, the reporter interviewed a tourist. "It’s too shocking. I heard that the stunts here are particularly thrilling. I experienced the night show performance tonight, and I feel very exciting. With lights on, the scene isespecially beautiful this time. It’s worth it."

In addition, the beautiful night view of the Aircraft Carrier RussianStyle Street is also popular among tourists. The branches along the street are covered with colorful lights, and the beautiful Russian castles are replaced with beautiful lighting, which is the most romantic aircraft carrier night scene under the tourists' lens.

On the first day of opening, the park invited Wang Ye, the famous host of Tianjin Music Broadcasting, to become a Strong Sailor, and helped the host to host the Aircraft Carrier's military dance. At the event site, the Strong Sailor funny show embodied Russian version of Oliver, fast food spinach competition, love power competition, hilarious Chinese characters guess and other interactive games, whichsmashed the audience. Stunning Russian song and dance feast, wonderful band performances, delicious snacks of various flavorsenable visitors spend a relaxing and exciting time with the aircraft carrier.

It is claimed that the opening hours of the Aircraft CarrierNight are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (except 8.31) in July and August, and the price is affordable for the people.

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