Supportive departments for related business of Renrenche.com to be moved to the Eco-city because working there has a better future

2018-07-16 17:54

Dandan, born in 1992, was particularly pleased recently. She worked in the National Operations Center for the Renrenche.com in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city (the Eco-city for short), and she welcomed dividends for her career. "Our Renrenche.comis headquartered in Beijing. In April this year, it received a new round of investment of 300 million US Dollars. After this round of financing, the company will continue to strengthen talent introduction and team building, and upgrade the core technology and strategic level of innovative business," Dandan said. This series of measures has undoubtedly outlined a better career prospect for more than 2,000 employees in the Eco-city.

In 2015, I saw the great potential of the company's development. I also saw a good entrepreneurial environment in Binhai New Area. Li Jian, the founder and CEO of Renrenche.com, settled the company's online operations and customer service business in the Eco-city. The Renrenche.com has also achieved rapid development here. At the beginning of 2017, there were only 200 employees in the Eco-city. The number has grown to more than 2,000. It is claimed that as a national operation center, the Renrenche.com will gradually move the relevant supportive departments to the Eco-city.

Business file

Company Name: Tianjin Renrenche Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

Settlement time: 2015

Settlement location: Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city

Main business: Internet / e-commerce

More promising development in the Eco-city

The Renrenche Call Center was settled in the Eco-city at the end of September 2015, involving telephone sales, after-sales customer service, and editors. “In terms of accommodation, shuttle bus, settlement, etc., the government has given us a lot of support. For example, we have opened 2 dedicated shuttle buses in the morning and evening to facilitate long-distance travel. We specially sent people to the company to conduct internal lectures on employee settlement and create channels for talent introduction. The through train provides strong support for the development of Renrenche in Tianjin.” The person in charge of the Renrenche.com told reporters that the Renrenche Call Center has grown from the initial ten stations to thousands of workers today. In recent years, the innovation and vitality of the Renrenche Sales Center has been continuously stimulated, and the driving force for the development of the company has been continuously injected. The very convenient transportation journey from Binhai New Area to Beijing also makes the business linkage between Beijing and Tianjin more effective.

In fact, the biggest dividend brought about by enterprise development is the increase in employee value. Like Dandan, many staff members working in the National Operations Center for Renrenche are optimistic about the rapid growth of companies and individuals. “In the past three years, the number of cars has changed a lot, and the scale of the office in the Eco-city has gradually expanded. Whether it is from the operation of the work system or the training, learning, promotion and welfare environment provided by the company, we are also witnessing its own improvement," Dandan said. "At the end of last year, nearly 100 people were interviewed in one day. This state lasted for nearly three months. We also have special personnel to go to Tianjin colleges and universities to provide quality employment opportunities," said the person in charge of Renrenche.com.

It is claimed that the foundation of the people in these fellows in Renrenche.com in the Eco-city is also derived from Li Jian's recent decision to launch the Baichuan Plan, which will launch a large-scale talent recruitment plan and continue to improve the promotion mechanism, continue to promote the organizational capacity system upgrade and achieve the overall goal of the company's strategic upgrade.

Good reputation spreads from the Eco-city to the whole country.

The well-known third-party data mining and data research institute Bida Consulting released the First-hand Car Market E-commerce Market Research Report for the First Quarter of 2018, showing that the main considerations for the supply and demand sides to choose the second-hand car platform are user reputation and user favorable rate. Among the used car e-commerce companies evaluated in the report, the number of car users is the highest, ranking the first in the second-hand car trading platform with a score of 91.7. According to the report, in the first quarter of 2018, the number of mobile users per month increased significantly, up 30.1% year-on-year; the market share of C2C transaction volume of used car e-commerce was in the leading position, reaching 41.9%. The main reason for users to choose Renrenche.com is the quality of vehicle source in the platform. In order to make every user conveniently buy a car, sell a car, and use a car, Renrenche.com initiates 249 professional tests, eliminates accident cars, blisters and burned cars.

Since 2014, the C2C model has been the first to deploy the used car market. As of now, the number of vehicles per person has reached 320,000 units per month, with an average of more than 10,000 units per day. The good service reputation of Renrenche.com in the industry is also being transmitted from the Eco-city to car owners all over the country every day.

It is claimed that the customer service innovation mechanism of Renrenche.comhas continuously evolved on this land of the Eco-city. In today's Renrenche National Operation Center, the call center has become a booster for the entire business chain. Combining the characteristics of the long chain process of everyone, it has transformed customers who buy and sell cars and provided satisfactory services to users. Last year, it launched a 7×24-hour customer service mechanism. Its official unified customer service representative Car Beauty will be on call around the clock, ready to solve problems in consulting, trading, after-sales, etc., and further promote user service refinement. After that, Renrenche.com further improves the customer service layout and enriches the panoramic customer service system, which is also a continuation of its reputational operation strategy. "Our mission is to let users buy cars, sell cars, and use cars with confidence. I believe that Car Beauty can help us better fulfill the company's mission," the person in charge of Renrenche.com said.

The industry's leading position has also been favored by capital. Li Jian told reporters that Renrenche.com has moved from a single used car trading service to a new stage of integrated trading services. In addition, in the process of the torrent strategy, Renrenche.com will be one of the most important partners. The two sideswill continue to strengthen depth cooperation in the fields of automobile trading, finance, after-sales, as well as technology and operation to jointly build a closed-loop ecology of car trading + travel to provide users with the best travel, trading and car experience.

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