Military technology to spur the civilian market

2018-07-24 17:25

At the 2nd World Intelligence Congress (WIC for short) held in May this year, the Smart Dressing Mirror exhibited by Tmall Mall attracted many locals to queue up to experience the specialtechnology for online virtual try-on clothes. Coincidentally, it is also around this date that Taihe Zhisheng (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taihe Zhisheng), which moved from Beijing Zhongguancun to Tianjin Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park, is also officially established in Tianjin. When it is on the right track for its business in Tianjin, Taihe Zhisheng uses VR/AR, AI, holographic projection and other technologies to create a trial installation simulation system for the customization of house decoration.

Targeting at the civilian market, military technology is transforming fast.

Automatically generation of 3D floor plan, real-time simulation of decoration design, one-click 3D for VR housespace, creation of intelligent solution application... When entering Taihe Zhisheng office in Binhai-Zhongguancun SciencePark, a smart display and a VR helmet can present the created virtual space to the experiencer in real time. Yuan Yunling, the company's deputy general manager, introduced that the product they developed is called the Trial Interior home decoration MR trial dressing experience center, and this product is just like the experience shopping that is popular in the home decoration field.

Surprisingly, the predecessor of the Trial Interior that took the people-friendly route is not a civilian product, but a virtual military environment product developed for the military field. Yuan Yunling told reporters that the core technical team of Taihe Zhisheng has developed military high-precision map production algorithms, military UAV simulators, etc., and after making these products, their technology was favored by Sohu,which found the team and asked to develop a remote house viewing system. It is also this opportunity that allows the company to see the future of military technology in the civilian market.

The reporter learned that Taihe Zhisheng (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is the vice president unit of the Virtual Reality Industry Alliance under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is also one of the earliest companies involved in VR software and hardware technology and algorithm research. In 2014, the company and Toshiba jointly released the world's first 2K screen commercial head display, which received wide attention from the industry and won millions of A round investment from the Qihoo 360 in 2015. The company's business involves professional hardware customization, VR military applications, VR industrial applications, VR industry applications and other fields.

"After developing a remote house viewing system for Sohu, we decided to enter the field of home decoration amd building materials sales. Based on the original product technology, we have access to production and civilian use." According to Yuan Yunling, in less than four months since the company came to Binhai – Zhongguancun Science Park to start its business, it has opened three Trial Interior self-operated stores in Tianjin, and has been stationed in three cooperative stores. It has launched more than 100 cooperative storefronts nationwide and entered the Tmall TATA intelligent store. It is expected that the total number of store expansions will reach 300 this year. Among them, the estimated sales revenue of the self-operated stores of Trial Interio will exceed 15 million yuan.

Excellent regional environment provides enterprises withreassuring pills.

“From Beijing to Tianjin, Taihe Zhisheng chose not only the living environment and the settlement policy of employees. What is more important is the market potential of Trial Interiorproducts and the possibility of rolling out industrial-grade VR products in the future,” Yuan Yunling said. It is to take root in Tianjin because of its huge home decoration market. According to his calculations, in only Binhai New Area, there are more than ten communities with recent moving in conditions. Nearly 10,000 houses have renovation needs, and the renovation cost of each household ranges from tens of thousands to more than 100,000 yuan. .

“At the same time, VR industrial application is also one of the company's important businesses. VR intelligent manufacturing upgrades, virtual displays, virtual assembly, and virtual manufacturing for industrial users can be practically applied on our technology platform,” Yuan Yunling said. The foundation of Tianjin's traditional industrial cities, as well as the huge demand for industrial transformation and upgrading, are the main reasons for them to tilt their resources here.

In addition, protection over intellectual property rights and service attitudes in Binhai New Area has also made enterprises more determined to come to here for development. In the interview, Yuan Yunling said that there are some technical problems in the AR/VR field, and the company has a large number of intangible assets such as patents, software copyrights and trademarks. This year, 20 or 30 related registrations in the field of intellectual property will be completed in Tianjin. How to prepare for the rain in advance and avoid intellectual property disputes is also a focus for enterprises.

The reporter learned that in April this year, the China (Beijing) Intellectual Property Rights Assistance Center and the China (Tianjin) Intellectual Property Rights Assistance Center jointly established the Beijing-Tianjin Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park 12330 Workstation. Beijing 12330, Tianjin 12330 andAdministrative Committee of Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park andAilifang (Binhai) Intelligent Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation Base signed the Co-construction Agreement for the Beijing-Tianjin Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park 12330 Workstation, which made the park's intellectual property public service mechanism and the operation and management mechanism of the co-constructed workstations more perfect, and the services such as intellectual property rights assistance in key industries more precise to better serve enterprises. In the words of Yuan Yunling, such a park environment and intellectual property service awareness have provided a reassuring pill fortechnology-based company like Taihe Zhisheng.

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