Ten Years of Twin-city Journey between Beijing and Binhai New Area

2018-08-03 18:37

On August 1, China’s first high-speed railway with a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour – the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city railway was opened for the 10th anniversary of its operation, and it has safely transported 250 million passengers. On the same day, Beijing-Tianjin inter-city railway was replaced by the Revival train. In the past ten years, Beijing-Tianjin inter-city trains have become more and more dense, and there are more and more passengers. The space between Beijing and Binhai New Area is getting closer and closer. "Inter-city railways are becoming shuttle buses and it seems the same city as in Beijing and Binhai New Area",whichhas become the consensus of passengers between the two places.

The peak passenger flow exceeds 80,000 passengers per day.

On August 1, 2008, the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city railway was officially opened for operation, which is an important symbol for the opening of China's high-speed rail era. On September 24 of the same year, Beijing-Tianjin inter-city railway extended to Tanggu Station, and four pairs of trains were initially opened. From then on, the high-speed rail entered the life of the people in Binhai New Area.

“On the first day of the extension of Beijing-Tianjin intercity to Tanggu Station, I specially bought tickets from Tanggu Station to have a try. I sat in the car for a while and looked at the speedometer. After a while, I looked at the scenery that was quickly retreating outside. I am so excited. Until now, every time I take the high-speed rail, I feel a sense of pride in my heart.” When mentioning the first time he took the high-speed rail ten years ago, Mr. Liu’s memory is still fresh.

"The advantages of fast, convenient, comfortable and safe high-speed rail have gradually emerged. Traveling by high-speed rail has become the first choice of the general public." The railway staff told reporters that the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city operation was mainly based on tourist flow, and now the tourist flow, visiting relatives, business flow and the work flow are highly superimposed. The peaks in the morning and evening are especially obvious. According to statistics, Beijing-Tianjin inter-city opened at the beginning of the year has sent 6.566 million passengers, with an average daily passenger of 18,000. Last year, the number of passengers sent has reached 16.431 million, with a daily average of 45,000 passengers. At the peak of passenger flow, more than 80,000 people can be transported between Beijing and Tianjin every day.

This year, Yujiapu Station has sent 1.334 million passengers.

On September 20, 2015, the terminal of the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Extension Line, the high-speed rail Yujiapu Station, was opened, marking the opening of the express way in the Beijing-Tianjin-Binhai New Area region. The time from Beijing South Railway Station and Tianjin Railway Station to Yujiapu was shortened to 59 minutes and 22 minutes respectively, and the one-hour life circle between Beijing and Binhai New Area was formed. On June 20, 2017, the new train operation schedule will be implemented, and the number of trains will be greatly encrypted. The life of Beijing (Tianjin)-Binhai New Area twin-city life will enter the era of high-speed railway.

At the beginning of 2015, the high-speed railway Yujiapu Station operated 12 pairs of trains daily, sending 5,580 passengers per day and sending a total of 575,000 passengers. Up to now, the daily trains of the station have reached 27.5 pairs, with 7,371 passengers per day, and a total of 13.34 million passengers, of which about half are frequent commuters between Beijing and Binhai New Area. In particular, from July 1, 2018, between the Yujiapu Station and the Beijing South Railway Station, 27 pairs of intercity high-speed trains will be innovated to achieve the capability of communication. Passengers will be transferred to the same station in Tianjin Station, and they will not be able to travel on the platform. Passengers travelling to and from Binhai New Area are provided with one-stop bus travel convenience.

Feeling the change, commuters say that the shuttle-bus-like high-speed railway makes life in the two cities easier.

Mr. Li from the Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA), is a commuter who travels between Beijing and Binhai New Area every week. Since 2013, he has been a fan of the high-speed railway for six years. “The speed of the intercity high-speed railway is getting faster and faster, the number of trains is getting more and more. I feel better and better. Especially the newly launched traffic connection is too powerful. Now more and more people around me choose to take the high-speed rail. I often meet colleagues and friends on the high-speed rail, which shows everyone's recognition of the high-speed rail.” Mr. Li told reporters that he used to get off the Tianjin station and then drove home because he could not buy the intercity ticket for Binhai New Area. Now the intercity travels really become public buses, making his life in the twin cities more convenient.

“At the beginning of the opening of the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city high-speed railway, the traffic volume of the intercity trains at Tanggu Station was not large. However, many trains cannot book tickets without reservation in advance, and they can always see the familiar faces of the two places as often as I do,” said Yang Xiaoyong, the head of Tianjin Golden Tax Financial Service Outsourcing Co., Ltd., who is also a high-speed rail commuter. Since there are also venture capital training and fund management companies in Beijing, he has traveled frequently between Beijing and Binhai New Area since 2011, at least once a week. In the past eight years, through the Beijing-Tianjin intercity high-speed railway, he has introduced more and more enterprises into Binhai New Area, and has enabled more and more talents to glow.

Head of Yujiapu Station: High-speed railway has brought popularity to Binhai New Area.

According to the analysis of the Beijing-Tianjin intercity passenger flow data by the railway department, the number of passengers who regularly travel between Beijing and Tianjin more than twice a month has reached nearly 700,000. The fixed-city group of passengers across the city has been formed. "Binhai New Area can attract people, there are people at the station; high-speed rail is fast and convenient, and it also brings popularity to Binhai New Area. As an important part of transportation, high-speed rail is not only in the distance. But more importantly, it promotes complementarity and exchange of talents, resources, culture, tourism and other aspects." The head of Yujiapu Station told reporters that in addition to the many advantages of the high-speed rail itself, the city card membership discount, government subsidies for the extension line fare, and the Tianjin station just launched the car service and the comprehensive Revival trains have made it easier for citizens to travel.

Taxi driver: Guest from Beijing can visit Binhai New Area immediately on a short notice.

The dividends that brought about the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city high-speed railway have not only been deeply touched by the high-speed rail commuters, but also the diver Mr. Liu who has been driving a taxi for 10 years in Binhai New Area. “In the past few years, the number of guests coming from Beijing has increased significantly, especially on weekends and holidays. The taxis at the exits are full. Most of these guests come from Beijing and go to various attractions in Binhai New Area. They go shopping, and then eat seafood. Not only tourists, in recent years, the number of people working in Binhai New Area has increased a lot, and our business has also increased a lot," Mr. Liu told reporters.

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