Measures for Angel Investment Guide Fund Management in Tianjin released: Net assets limit of start-ups raised from 5 million to 10 million yuan

2018-08-06 15:23

In July this year, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Municipal Finance Bureau revised and released the Measures for Angel Investment Guidance Fund Management in Tianjin. In order to better publicize and interpret the new policy, it will attract outstanding angel investment institutions and angel investors from around the world to set up an angel investment fund. Yesterday, hosted by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission and hosted by Tianjin Venture Capital Development Center, the Policy Conference for Measures for Angel Policy Investment Management Fund in Tianjin was held in Tianjin Science and Technology Finance Building. At the meeting, four technology companies, like Boolean Technology, conducted a project financing roadshow with a financing amount of 50 million yuan.

According to the interpretation of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Measures for Angel Investment Guidance Fund Management in Tianjin released this time has made a big breakthrough compared with the original method. The new method will adjust the maximum investment amount of the sub-fund to a single enterprise from 2 million yuan to 15% of the sub-fund size, increase the net assets of the start-up enterprises from 5 million yuan to 10 million yuan, and improve the projects with sub-fund investment. The flexibility is conducive to the market operation of the sub-fund. The sub-fund organization form will be increased from a company system to a company system or a limited partnership system, further leveraging the market-oriented advantages of sub-fund management and the specialized advantages of sub-fund management institutions. In order to support the sub-funds to enjoy tax incentives, the sub-fund duration will be revised from “3+2+2 (3 years for investment period + 2 years for payback period + 2 years for maximum extension)” to “7+1 (7 years for survival period + 1 year for extension)". At the same time, the new method still retains the preferential policy of returning the financial funds and interests after the failure of the angel investment, guiding fund to withdraw according to the original value within five years and guiding fund income to be rewarded according to a certain percentage.

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