Medical Healthcare Innovation Institute unveiled

2018-08-07 15:40

Recently, the Global Innovation Center – Medical Healthcare Industry Innovation Research Institute was unveiled at the Sino-British Medical and Healthcare Industry Base in the Tanggu Marine Science and Technology Park of the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone, and the Sino-British Innovation and Technology Cooperation and Exchange Seminar was held in the same period.

The reporter learned that the Sino-British Healthcare Industry Base is based in Binhai New Area. Since its launch in 2016, more than 20 domestic and international medical and healthcare projects have been introduced. After these projects came to Binhai New Area, they quickly took root, applied for 14 patents, with 8 patents in application process, and obtained 9 patents from overseas.

At present, Tianjin Weikai Bioengineering Co., Ltd., which is incubated by the Sino-British Healthcare Industry Base, has made breakthroughs in the field of stem cell three-dimensional culture and stem cell bioprocessing. Its self-developed cell culture instrument can realize continuous, automated and perfusion three-dimensional culture mode of cells. It is claimed that the device successfully entered the US public health center in October last year and was included in the procurement plan by the University of California. In addition, the Sino-British base also established the company's technology in the field of occult blood test instruments by successfully acquiring the MODE Company in the UK and establishing the company's technology in the field of occult blood test instruments. The localization of this product is applicable to the secondary development of the Chinese domestic market. Cui Xuefeng, the principal of the Sino-British Healthcare Industry Base and the president of United Novartis (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., told reporters that relying on the regional advantages of the development and opening up of Binhai New Area, as well as abundant medical resources, university resources, research institute resources and broad market for medical healthcare industry. The Sino-British Healthcare Industry Base has established contacts with Oxford University, Cambridge University and Glasgow University, and has continued to carry out international technology transfer, technical cooperation and resource integration to further serve the incubating enterprises.

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