Pharmaceutical achievements from TBNA published on the cover of international authoritative journal

2018-08-09 10:39

The reporter learned from the Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine (TJAB) that the American Cancer Society's Journal Cancer Research published a journal on August 1. The research results of Professor Yang Cheng's research group on the high-throughput molecular drug screening center of the hospital Twist1 regulates Vimentin through Cul2 circular RNA to Promote EMT in Hepatocullular Carcinoma was selected as the current cover and a Highlight article.

It is claimed that Professor Yang Cheng's research group focuses on the molecular mechanism of epigenetic regulation of malignant tumor metastasis and its drug development. He has published series of research results in journals such as Science Translational Medicine, Cancer Research, Theranostics, Oncogene, and Molecular Cancer and so on.

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